Monday, April 16, 2007


Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear

Very sincere apologies for going MIA on you guys. It's really been an unbeleivable couple of months. So much has happened to write a whole book about sef.

I haven't Blogged simply because some idiot with no yansh at work found my Blog and sent the URL to my Ogas at work. This was the week after i got promoted to being an Oga myself. So to say it was messy was an understatement. Especially since i said some not too nice things about some certain people in the past, and me sef i dey go mis yarn about starring at Buffie the body(phew!), and Man Utd at work.

Infact o serious gan. The Chick who blew the whistle was someone i thought i was cool with, I dated her kid sister way, way back when she was at D'Bells, Got her out of trouble at work, when her car was bad i gave her my car and driver for two whole weeks and i was driving myself to work. Bought her lunch a couple of times, and even hooked her desperate, buck toothed, no booty, ass up with a couple of Guys who were several leagues ahead of her. And she still stabbed be in the back. Wetin you want make i do again? Omo, Your Enemies are closer than they appear. Believe that. I'm not mad 'cause i still got the Job, I didn't have to take my Blog down, I'm still twenty times better paid than your broke ass, and most importantly, when the Big Boys with their fancy SUV's leave your apartment at night and head home to their wives, your sorry 34 year old self will have only Dubai gold and Prada shoes for company. Hope your Duvet keeps you warm and happy. Were Alaso. I know you are reading this, so sue me i don't care. Shio!

Anyway sha, apart from the fact that i almost got my Contract at work Terminated, and a few death threats from Abuja, (On top this same Blog o. Mo daran!), Getting stabbed in the back, getting promoted at work with big bucks Yay!!, Bukky calling me in the middle of the night that she's pregnant.(It wasn't me. lol. Long story...). And getting so busy at work that i can't even eat, get into woman trouble, or even Blog. Apart from all that, I guess not much has changed.

I wont be able to update by Blog that frequently, I'll mostly leave comments on other peoples Blogs And of course i can't mention names anymore for work reasons and also i feel i'm being followed everywhere i drive to. I thought i was loosing it until T, my Driver confirmed it. I went to Abuja for a function a few weeks ago, and for the first time i felt i needed armed security. I got several texts a day before telling me to steer clear of Abuja, to close down my Blog, and blah blah. So here's to you Mr. 0806 *** 5544, i wasn't going to update me Blog but this one's for you. Bring it on i ain't scared. Ode olori gbeske. I never get your time yet.

And yeah i read a couple of Blogs the other day. Mr.Fineboy is totally hilarious, Bimby lads is a riot. I wanted to die of laughter. The two both of you, e o ni pami. Much love to all you guys. Soul, CG, Olawunmi, Ex schoolnerd, Bella, Exceesive, Overwhelmed , Mr.Toks, and every other blogger i missed you guys.
And oh, i found time in my Busy schedule for a smack down. You remember that poetry loving dude that was taking little bites off Alaye's juicy meat?(You know wetin i dey talk now?)
Chei! The guy chop beating no be small. I no fit give full tory. I've gotten into enough trouble already. But dude had it coming. No long thing.

TMINX. I love you so much baby.You know that already but i can't stop saying it. You're the most beautiful woman in the whole wide world.

am i dreaming? baba alaye has updated....thank god i first!!!
Welcome back

lemme go back & read
OMG1 U are back!!!!
let me go read.
Wow so much has really happened, see drama! Abeg go into much more details next time and i cant believe you almost got into trouble at work. Crazy!
Welcome Back!
Omo,plenty drama and stori o!
Please be more careful o!
I hope all the haters are reading this lol!
Eya tete fi comment moderation si bi,before they bring their drama in. Have a good week and once again,welcome back.
Woohoooo! Welcome back baby
Baba is back! What did u say on ur blog that was so scandalous wey dem wan break ur head? Nice one men, welcome back. And thanks for stopping by my page!
Welcome back, and er, I'm pissed off at the busy-bodies. Now we won't be getting the sweet gist!
baba Alaye mii.. welcome o.. kokoless amala awaits u under the apple tree.. mwahX
welcome back!!afta u instigated my first eva blog post u dissappeared..anyway let me go nd call bimby lads oh she'll be so happy...
Like bimbylads said, we go prepare amala for u. Catch you under the apple tree later.

welcome back by the way.
lawdamsel, i don already reach here o.. ngawnu, taink u for the information, but at this very moment, babaalaye is enjoying our amala...innit baba?
I'm still twenty times better paid than your broke ass, and most importantly, when the Big Boys with their fancy SUV's leave your apartment at night and head home to their wives, your sorry 34 year old self will have only Dubai gold and Prada shoes for company.

Yah!!! You're back!!! All is right with the world again -although your post was a bit short and dry - we want the gist!

Bukky is pregnant? Is it for the poetry guy? is that why he got beat up?

As for the rest, stay safe oh! With all those backstabbers and death threats. Take it easy and be extra careful. Cant wait for the next post.
Welcome back..finally some more entertainment added to my 9-5 working hours...u know what if not cos i am fresh from Festival of Life night vivgil...i would have sent serious ekpe's in the direction of all these enemies of progress...**hiss"..rubbish n nonsense.
ayah...such is life...people stabbing u in the back and all..

lol @ olori real olori gbeske...

kpele dear..its been a long long while sure enuff tory full ground..blogville missed u o!

Na wa oh it has reached that level that they r tailing u sef..sending u text msgs...ha! o ma serious o!

Be careful sha...and thnx for the shout...much appreciated...takare.
bab alaye is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yyyyyaaahhhh!!!!!!!

see drama? na wa o, so this means that na edited gits u go dey give us now!!!
Shake the Haterz of mister...
Just say to all of them..."this is why im hot..this is why im hot cus im fly...", im a bit of an instigator...

Welcome back!
and to the Alariwo adugbo...snitches get stitches...remember that!!

(Why am i doing voltron?.).lol
Scary stuff

Do take care of yourself.
Glad to have you back

Update you Blog from home

Its in your own time and space
HE'ssssssssssssssss BACKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!
Drama is never a good thing.
And yes, unfortunately, just as we have good people, we cannot forget the truly spiteful and mean ones as well. Welcome back. Hopefully all is better in your world now.
What!!! I'm in shock.
damn... you people don't waste no time. 2 seconds after my guy posts and y'all are already in the mix. Baba welcome back.
My guy... haba. I think say nah 'poetry ju man' give bukky belle. But as una beat am finish... I ain't too sure.
And I thot you were connected. Why don't you give olori oko the # of the guy threatening you. Just tell him they are Osama's brothers and he'll give SSS to handle all that BS.
Anyways take am easy.
By the way, if you haven't seen the 'African Redition of Throw some ds' on youtube you're missing.
The dude is hilarious, he raps throw some ds with a thick yoruba accent and puts in the occassional Ayinde marshall/Obesere/super razz mix into that stuves. ITS MAD FUNNY
lol wow...serious drama.

Stay safe o
welcome back!!! na wah o..the things blogging can cause sha
I can't believe it, you're finally back!!! I thought I was dreaming but alas!! I'm not.
Welcome back ooo! We've really missed you.

meanwhile who are these haters sef?? I hope everything is now resolved sha. i know they'll still be following you to blogville, but na dem sabi o!!! Just be careful sha, we'll inform blogville mopol to be at alert :-))

Anyway, hope you'll be giving us gist from time to time though.

Take care...
Welcome back and may God proctect us from our enemies who pretend to be our friend.Na wa oh,i have to be careful too b4 somebody pour sand-sand for my garri.
Weeks of stalking your blog finally paid off. Welcome back. Plenty gist inside iwe kobo. Don't let them scare you off jare.
Your blogs are really interesting, but is this blog thing a way for Middle class nigerian kids whom perhaps experienced the educational system in well developed country to unleash some kind of stress. I am intrigued by how you guys have managed to create a whole new world in here. Virtual reality... interesting !
welcome back o and hopefully nuttin happens to u o , arghhh
see drama!
oh boy take am easy oh!
change your blog address.
welcome back sha
Baby are you coming to my parry? You can use the Lear jet I bought you to make a mad dash in and out.
Never knew people in 9ja were so into blogs too, not to talk less of finding someone out. Pls come back soon with some more gists. Really miss your jokes.
Alayeboy: the blogville ladies should penalise you for disappearing without a forwarding address.

And as one of your fans in the UK suggests, you could blog from home. Starcomms and Multilinks are very cheap these days - you don't have to get a vSat.

Don't be a let down!

See you in Lagos after Presidential elections!
Wow, so much has happened to you since you last blogged ... good to have you back anyways!
Invitation to you Babaalaye.... Best Friends Episode 3!!
In spite of it all, you got promoted! I am sure that back-stabbing "individual" will be burning with shame.

But all that drama at work? It couldn't have been funny at the time....

Welcome back!
Welcome Back!!
We missed you loads. Na wa for dat girl and her bad belle. Thank God the storm is over now.
Bukki is pregy wetin? 4 who? hurry and update.

welcome back..!!
..okay, Bukky called you saying she was pregnant. You found out it wasn't yours after a long story, and then poetry boy got his ass whooped. I no be Sherlock Holmes, but e be like say Bukky and poetry boy been dey try use your head. But then you found out, and took out your frustration on the bush man. All I want to know is, as you were brushing poetry boy, was he rhyming as he was shouting? Lol.

...well, either that or he got Bukky pregnant, and then jaboed her, so she came crying to you and you had to defend her honor by brushing his ass. I prefer my previous explanation better sha. Na that one for sweet pass.

Ahhh finally jeez i thot u were never goint to come back and as usual the gist is sweet. sorry about the all the trouble u got into and thank God thats over now...pls pls update more frequently lol..take care
Welcome back... Nice that your enemies couldn't pull you down as per the job... as for the threat thingy, abeg take am easy o!
welcome back..
Its about Time!! I guess your explaination will suffice!!

Omo take it easy o, we dont want you getting hurt o!

If babaalaye has offended you in any a brige and get over it! buhahaha

Nice to have you back!!
hmm baba alaye when you dey stop by my side on blogspot ehn?

congrats to BUKKY OH!
I didnt know u had updated!!!!!!!!!!!
Mennnnnn blogging is gettinh heated!
Job drama, death threats cause of a blog!
Anyways..........glad to have u semi-back!
Men thats trippy that your blog surfaced at work. I havent read all ure posts but be like say u opened a few nyashes
hey, im not a "blogger" as u would call it but i missed u....i hope i never meet u cuz i'd be embarassed lol cuz i realy did miss u, i enjoy ur writings. Im glad u got out of the trouble..talkk to u soon....well read u soon i guess
Hey Babaalaye, thought you were gone forever. Good to have you back. Looking forward to reading lots of entertaining entries. Do be careful though...seems like you've made some enemies out there!!
Wow. Na wa o. I'm glad you haven't let it get you down. Keep doing your thang.
You're back!!! Just saw your comments on Tinks blog and I almost choked!

I know you don't know me but we can always do that bit later. For now, you've been a bad boy disappearing like you did, just after I joined. Go to my room!
so this is d incredible babaalaaye???...lemme sha be reading. im jobless na me and ur blog 2day(lol)

wats up with d BITCH at work???(lmao) na wa o! all bcos of UR blog
good to see ur back bloggin... ur blog is an interestin read, and no them haters cant keep a good man down.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Babaaaaaa Alaye is back!!!!

I thot u had gone forever, u've been sorely missed!

Hey pls take it easy ohhhhh as for all them ITK mofos, they should go do some real work and stop interferring in other peoples business. Con con sign!!!

Welcome back jare my dear.

LOL!! You're baaack? Why was there no blogsville announcement or parade? There probably was actually.. but I've been away, so have missed everything. Welcome back and pele about the work showdown oh Xxx
First time on ur blog but Im definately coming back! Love ur messg to 'SNITCH' lol!

Very entertaining blog I must say. My first time visiting anyone's blog. Was supposed to get off from work @3:30 and just leaving now @8:30, been reading you up. Hungry for more....
dagg! is this bloggin thing really that serious??? geez...

@ the backstabbing hieffer...welcome to the club...folks just backstab like there is no tomorrow coming. Hiss. You think they are your friends but deep down inside these bastards want you dead.

Be careful out there...
lol ...a bells student did that to you ,i went to the bells.
wow...found out about this blog from 30+ because she got tagged!!!yay...ain't I lucky...I can't wait to dig my teeth into this looks will be fun...
(I know I shld be working and not reading blog...but fashy jare!)
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