Thursday, May 24, 2007


Comment Moderation...Finally

I'll defend anybody's rights to speak freely to express himself without fear of reprimand or worse. It's something i strongly beleive in..
Every human wants to be heard, ...heck, need to be heard. What's the point of being alive if you can't articulate your thoughts/emotions clearly without fear. It's a God given right.

That's why i have a Blog. And i should be allowed to say what the heck i want to say, however i want to say it, spell any word the way i want to(Okay, i no sabi spell So why you come dey squezee face? Shio.) Wetin i dey talk sef? Yeah, shebi, it's my Blog and i can do what the fcuk i want, no restrictions and if you want to comment you can say what the heck you damn well please. Nothing do you.

So it is with a heavy heart and gratitude to God for a life well spent i announce the Blogituary...(Who invented the word sef Tminx?) of free jagga jagga talk on my Blog.

I don't mind mofo's saying rubbish on my Blog but hacking my shit??? Posting comments as Babaalaye? WTF? I know you're Jobless and all, and you're screwing the Shop girl at the Business Centre at Ojuelegba or something. So you get free internet time but that's way over the line. Do something constructive with your e- life. Write Poetry and submit your shit...You might win you never know, Trade FOREX online, find an online Girlfriend, hack a porn site, Sell your mother's old smoky Kerosene stove on e-bay.... warrever, but stop fucking impersonating people. There's life outside Blogger. Get a life!!!

So here's to comment moderation. I hate the shit but i guess it's necesary (Did i spell that right?)
Wo, na you know jo.

So Alaye back to work. I miss those laid back days...Buffie the body, Blogger ,Manchester united football forums, Talking on the phone all day, and leaving at 5 p.m on the dot.... *sigh*

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


No Vex

Sorry Guys i've been MIA again.

There's so much going on now at work. Sometimes i think i need more than 24 hours just to cross out half of my "to do" list. Every day now na problems, issues, fact i dey do meetings pass winch sef. I hope it all eases up soon.
And all that free food.. HELP! I'm gonna be fat.

Olawunmi, TM...Hmmn, What's with the oyinbo boy? Adaure, CG, Bella, FunmiI, Mr.Fineboy, Toks Boy(Egbon mi), 36 inches..Congrats girl. See u at the top.

Everybody else one love.

In the meantime hola at your boy

I go update soon. I Promise

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