Thursday, May 24, 2007


Comment Moderation...Finally

I'll defend anybody's rights to speak freely to express himself without fear of reprimand or worse. It's something i strongly beleive in..
Every human wants to be heard, ...heck, need to be heard. What's the point of being alive if you can't articulate your thoughts/emotions clearly without fear. It's a God given right.

That's why i have a Blog. And i should be allowed to say what the heck i want to say, however i want to say it, spell any word the way i want to(Okay, i no sabi spell So why you come dey squezee face? Shio.) Wetin i dey talk sef? Yeah, shebi, it's my Blog and i can do what the fcuk i want, no restrictions and if you want to comment you can say what the heck you damn well please. Nothing do you.

So it is with a heavy heart and gratitude to God for a life well spent i announce the Blogituary...(Who invented the word sef Tminx?) of free jagga jagga talk on my Blog.

I don't mind mofo's saying rubbish on my Blog but hacking my shit??? Posting comments as Babaalaye? WTF? I know you're Jobless and all, and you're screwing the Shop girl at the Business Centre at Ojuelegba or something. So you get free internet time but that's way over the line. Do something constructive with your e- life. Write Poetry and submit your shit...You might win you never know, Trade FOREX online, find an online Girlfriend, hack a porn site, Sell your mother's old smoky Kerosene stove on e-bay.... warrever, but stop fucking impersonating people. There's life outside Blogger. Get a life!!!

So here's to comment moderation. I hate the shit but i guess it's necesary (Did i spell that right?)
Wo, na you know jo.

So Alaye back to work. I miss those laid back days...Buffie the body, Blogger ,Manchester united football forums, Talking on the phone all day, and leaving at 5 p.m on the dot.... *sigh*

i'm 1st again. hope this time nobody goes crazy. i'm glad u are not letting them chase u away.Much respect.
Alaye no need to vex much, don't want the veins in your head to pop lol.

So much craze going on on the last post. I tire for naija's.
Good riddance. And yes you cannot spell lol. Please when I get back from Sweden, could you also send me to Australia and buy me the latest BMW? Thanks boo.
This isn't moderating oh. You got rid of all anonymous and anonymousees, even the well meaning ones....
Tminx, wats wit the sending you to Australia. Me i want to go too oo! lol!

I saw the fire burning on da last post. never even bothered to comment. It was so frigging hot in there..ooops!
well as you go higher, the responsiblity becomes much more. just enjoy jare.

@Tminx: stop hoarding, allow Baba to send me to Pari and buy me a lexus!
maka gini, what of me, listen my friend, just becasue I dey waka too much doesnt mean I dont get free travels also .... Im glad, all the dusts have settle now, and hopefully with comments moderation you get to have better control over your blog. Have a blessed week.
BabaAlaye, Im laughing with tears at all the mad ass anon comments, d EFCC one took the biscuit, I swear,lol!
Minwhile whither u being attacked for being Obj son, WTF? Why do they care sef and even if u are SO? This is the maddest thing ive ever seen(not really,lol) but it sha mad.
Plus whass tis about you having the hook up? Holler!
Come, this one they're queuing for tickets. I hope you send them to their destinations by boat and bus.
instructions on how to hack the porn site please. thanks. it's not for me, it's for my uncle. thanks
i read from someone's blog that there was a fight going on in here so i came to check it out and now it is over....dang....
me i hate this guessing games..who is babaalaye? If he is famous and RICH, i have a huge christmas list and iwant everything on it...:P
top twenty...
am working my way up
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fada Lawd!!!!
I deleted my previous comment because I went and read the comments on your earlier post. Whatdfxup?!!!
How did your blog disintegrate like this and who was the person who started the rumour of your lineage?
*sigh* I still love your blog. Say whateva u like joo. Did life is too filled with BS issues that in many ways u provide some respite for many.
Please take it easy...
Thanks Guys,
I usually let people do what they want, trusting that they're mature enough to do a bit of self moderation but they keep getting caught off side.

It's scary the stuff some people think sha.How about the anonymous Muppet that said i "arranged" TMINX's training in Sweden?
Omo when i read that i first blinked like 5 times WTF?
For all those who want to Travel, the Danfo leaves tonight @9 o clock
London, Paris, last bus stop na Melbourne.
Ha! I thought it was just me. Apparently some loser camel/dog/sheep shagger left comments on Professor's blog with my name. Anu ofia!

Good riddance to bad rubbish I say. Comment moderation is good.
Baba alaye,
look, I don't really care what anybody says.. please I want a trip to Benin City via okada. None of that silly airplane stuff to ilu oyinbo.

Oya .. arrange it o. :)
Be easy man..

@Tminx... lady oya you to berra arrange trip for me to nspect this swede dream.. those swedes sef.. phew dem dey HOT!
Nice to know that things have been sorted out. There were some deep haters up in the previous post venting anger for the wrong reasons. Nice to know you stood your ground and took action.

Oh by the way, my uncle too wan sabi how to hack to dem porn sites you mentioned.....
@ Soul. LOL. I hear the Benin Road is in a horrible state. We can arrange a boat trip from the Hudson to Ikpoba river. It's an easier way to get to Benin

@ BIG. I tire for those agbero's o.
As per the porn Site thingy...
There are password sites that give you daily, freshly hacked passwords to Porn Sites. Sites like UK Passwords, Silver passwords e.t.c.

Now, i'm not sure if it's true o. Na the gist wey i hear o. If you need further clarification contact my egbon's Blog Mr. toks the boy.
He'll know. (He does it strictly for Academic Research).

So BIG and Kpakpando there youo go..

Say Hi to your Uncle for me.
ok so seeing as everyone is asking for tripe here and there i berra ask for my own too!!! no not a trip i want money for my hair!!!! Lol, dont call guinness on me yet jo, im taking the hair out this weekend. but seeing as it was u who 'arranged' Tminxs training in sweden, could u possibly arrange for Goldman sachs to open an office in lagos and make me Head of Investments or something????
I like the way you're thinking, 36 inches!!! Alaye, organise Morgan Stanley in VI abeg. Anything for boys?
Now all the cockroaches are lining up, ass licking! *hiss*. Those that were commenting anons are now singing a different tone...Naija, una sabi change like chameleon. Suckers! Babaalaye, abegii answer the question to the previous post!!
@36 Thank God the Kink is coming off.
I'm sure Papa 36 thought a Rat died in the house lol.

Goldman Sachs ke? Next you'll be asking me to arrange Man to marry for you. lol
Fine boy Paddy mi,

I no fit do MS o.

Meanwhile this babe dey she get mad Cheddar, foione as hell she dey find fineboy to marry...
I think this is right up your alley...
Can I ask for something too ?

Please buy me a Spyker C12 Zagato. Thats all I need.

I tried the password thing. Not too sure about how it works pls get Mr Toks to get back to us asap. My uncle needs it too.

I wonder why people like to blow things out of proportion.

Do post something amusing soon. Your banter is next level hilarious.
Alas! Peace! Alaye, you are taking things as a mature man and even having a laf of it. That is very cool. I like your blog sha. Do keep us posted. I wont ask for anything other than that.
Have a nice day now! :o)
WOW, i cant blive pple are really being serious abt this hating thing thats mad o. Doesnt seem like ur bothered tho which is good, but dont take it for granted sha pray abt it too cuz these pple seem really bitter like "i can take ur name to bablawo bitter" God forbid o. me i like ur blog sha it gives me some'n to do when im bored, thot this blog stuff was for fun...pple relax.
Ok Oko u are looking to hook eveyboday and Mr Fine Boy with asistoress...emi na o sa o...i'd email u my specs and we can take it from there..Kilo we??

Have a FAB weekend all..we have a long bank holiday weekend here...looking to maximise it to the full!!!
You do realise that you haven't enabled comment moderation right ...

Baba Alaye, you know you've always been my favourit blogger right? All I want is a permanent table at yellow chilli and a plate of pounded yam and okro soup whenever hunger strikes ... that's not too much to ask is it!
Babaalaye mo sorry gan oh, but me ah no dey enter danfo. O wa too dangerous. Abeg send the Lear to my village No 1 Obawonuade Road, Ilesha.
Dear Uncle Babaalaye,
How are you? I hope you are fine. How is mummy, daddy, brother. sister, egbon, aburo, omo odo, Fatai the driver...? I hope they are all fine. If so doxology.
I am writing to ask once again for your help in the payment of my monetary obligation to the educational institution from which I am expectant to receive a degree.
I pray that God continues to accumulate and aggrandize your prosperousness as you come to my assist.
Thank you in anticipation of an acclamatory and approbative reply.
Yours Faithfully
good for u o jare...does jobless twats...wont be bothering u anymore..

miss u on blogger..will be sure to send u a love!
Alaye, your spelling does need work but no wahala, it's cute. As I have been abandoned by my blog boo and am now seeking separation from him, do you reckon you could arrange a trip to Paris to help me get over him? Tminx, chill joo. lol!
Typical Nigerians, overreacting without thinking. Honestly I read through the anonymous comments, the guy was basically trying to defend the POOR wondering why BabaAlaye was being so condenscending. The people who led to the flame wars were those who didn't want to hear what the rest of Nigerians are going through.

I don't think BabaAlaye did or acted in ways that most "rich" people don't.I understand the condenscending way rich men act towards poor people, I know many rich men who act that way including people in my own family. Donald Trump is the poster boy of this kind of behaviour and it always hurts me to see people being talked down on.

Either ways, I think Baba Alaye is over reacting...or does he mean to tell me he doesn't see the condenscending tone with which thaty post was presented?

Atleast the moderation is only restricted to anonymous comments and not pre-approval of comments.
pele oh...i feel u, even i no sabi spell, i guess dey dont have my time yet. Glad u r still staying, wetin we go do without u?
what of that christmas list? Is SANTA coming or not...LOL!!

how you dey sha?! i miss those buffie the body days as well(on your blog and mine... and a couple of other people as well.. that innocence and complete fun is gone for most... which is a damn shame) as everybody self dey make request... as you're callin the okada for soul.. make sure you add a horse for me.. i want to travel the 'lenght and breath' of Nigeria by horse. Port Harcourt suya spots and Lagos strips clubs(i've heard really good things... but man follow dey strip inside? i would pay good money to see an hausa male stripper... kwo!) here I come!!!
You have not yet done the moderation o! This just bars anonymous comments.

I am sorry that you had to cave in and do this, but it really was necessary -I can't spell it too, I just used spell check so that I can pose for you;). You've been getting blah comments from the very first post I read....about Ebere ( I actually thought you were referring to a cousin of mine though I said nothing at the time) but they hit a whole nother level with the last post.

Erm...since you are supposed to be rich and powerful, when can I hit you up with my Christmas list?
welcome back! I will be sending you an email shortly!
tew funny!all of una bloggers greedy wetin una dey ask for...haba!in d spirit of asking ...let me go n tink well and come up with something very expensive i need..c ya later
Hi Mr. Baba-Alaye,
Hows work and the weather in Nigeria? I love your blog... whats happening in your area now?
Calm down Alaye!!!! like you were about to have an hypertensive stroke there for a understand how annoying stuff like this can be paddy mi, but don't let shit like that get to you. Never give haters the satisfaction of seeing u upset.

You know this is the second time i have heard about shit like this happening....mofos posing as someone else....a straight up bitch move if you asked me. Think it also happened to Fineboy and Toni Payne. I mean how much of a whimp can someone be to post a commnet under some else's name? Talk about a straight up Pussy. Don't let shit like that get you down o jare. Sometimes you gotta let certain things go on player, dust your shoulder off.
What??? You people scare me half to death with all the requests.I wouldn't want to be in Baba God's shoes o. kai!!

Now i think i understand how God feels with the constant badgering...

Father i need car, Lord i need to pay my School fees, God please heal my Child, Jesus i need that brown $700 Jimmy Choo. Lord send Holy Ghost Fire down on Mr. Egbunike my neighbour ...ZZzzzzzz *snore*
Thank God o!
That you are not leaving and you are here to stay! yipee!
All those aproko anons, have been visiting every where,it just shows there joblessness.
Oya update, jo. Dakun.
gud to c dat u'v gotten rid of 'em mad ppls... im lukin 4ward 2 seein how u'll liv up to ur new role fada xmas alias papa god.
This is ridiculous...All these anonymous folks and the effects they are having on blogger...So sad..
What on earth??!!! Someone actually posted as you?? LOL!!! That's just crazy ... meanwhile, I think you should enable comment moderation (such that you have to approve each comment before it shows) instead of cutting off the anons. Some of the most insightful comments I've received have been from anons.
damn shit... are you telling me with style that you won't grant me this request of the horse? you don't want me to experience the beauty that is hausa male strippers abi?it won't work for you sha... i have an alternate plan(but first i need to research if they allow camels in Nigeria...)
Baba Alaye... i bow ohh... *daubales on the e-floor* showing great respect for Baba Alaye...
*shouting and jumping with great excitment saying i am the new guy on block pls shout out to my girl... sexy diva... u can check get her link on my page...*
baba.. e ma binu oh
ahh! baba mi so ur now blog santa??
hmm! wat do i want???
ok o! ild go easy on u since im a very sensitive and understanding babe(lol)
A first class trip 2 sweden with my gurls(hotel accomodation involved). thats not 2much 2 it?
c'mon now, u did it 4 tminx, u can also do it 4 me(lol)
bro, its about time. i no know why you go siddon dey look when big big idiots wey no get home training dey mess for ya blog.

nice one.
What the heck did I miss?
I think you have the right to do whatever you want!!
Dear Santa,

I've been a really good girl this year. I brush my teeth before going to bed and I floss after every meal. I've stopped drinking altogether and stopped eating candy everyday.

Santa, (or Baba Alaye as the case may be) I have only one tiny request. I don't want money or a fancy car or a trip anywhere. All I want is for my baby, Boorish Male, to come back to me. Could you do that?

P.S and make christmas come in July, I'm kinda anxious to get my present. It would also be nice if you'd UPDATE THIS BLOG!!!
Baba ke!
Abeg nor mind dose cankerworms wey internet use mistake enta deir village.
PS. I honor as you honor me with your presence for my office.
about time!
@Catwalq: DO u want to kill BabaAlaye ni? Mind yasef o.
I have loved this blog and the commentators give me something to smile about (obviously bar the cruel ones). But the ones on this post, they really are something. Im still slowing laughing/smilling to myself, how we as nigerians can take something and make it as humerous as possible. You all have gifts. Especially to cheer people up. Keep it up all. Have a blessed week.
necessary and about time.

in the spirit of your giving, i ask (humbly) for you to cook for me , just as i have kokolessly and flawlessly done for u when u went away.... (i mean amala)
Bros... o ya update now...
@Temmytayo: Eh!!! kill the fada? Kill the provida? Olorun o ni je.
Tu fia kwa.
But how u dey?

Oh and u too Babaalaye, how r u sir?
since everybdy is asking make i ask i need tune-up on my navi also i need a ticket to nigeria may the god of BA grant it

I'm sure you cannot grow enuff balls to post this comment. Who cares; but I'm sure that since we've scared you into your schrimp hell hole, cowering like a chicken in the darkest corner of your abode, you will be reading this comment...we are lurking around your blog, waiting to jump on you at the slightest provocation...OBJ and his son's and daughter's must pay for the crimes they commited against Nigeria!
I used up my life lines trying to figure out who you are but thankfully I'm left with 50-50.
Computer take out one incorrect answer.
Wow,this is hard. I'm left with
(a)tminx blog hubby
(b)my blog father
(c)Obj's son?[even this option has a question mark]
First time here. Enjoying your blog.You must be hot- I can see you caused quite a stir recently. Too bad I missed out on the action.
Ah, Baba Alaaye, Omo ole #1!
I see that you're letting the comments of your trumpet blowers true, but not those that have legitimate questions to ask...regarding how OBJ wrecked Naija economy! Well, not surprised...since you've decided to chicken out and lock yourself in a box, well done! least put all of una ugly gene pool OBJ family under lock & key so that ordinary suffering Naija's no go start having nightmares in addition to the suffering wen una family don cause them. And abeg ask baboon ass OBJ to shut the fuck up with his senseless rantings!!!
hey babaalaya pls check out my page and 9ja opeke's page on the whole blog ville idol thingy...let us know what you would like to participate in
I salute you sir.
Actually i figured out who babalaye is!

Anyone remember the article in the paper a few months ago... " Where are the Adenugas". Go figure!
LOL!! some hilarious comments i tell for Bimbylads ure a real joker hehe
Bros update abeg, leave all these winches alone. They got nothing betta to do. Stop by sometime okay..
whose son isn't baba alaye? Na wa! Next thing you'll know someone will be saying you're abacha/babangida/shagari/buhari/azikwe/y'ardua/alamieyeseigha/tinibu/mbadinuju/okoya-thomas/fernandez super dna child and you singlehandedly are the cause of all naija's problems
HAHAHAHA... I have never laughed so hard over comments. Catwalq just KILLED Me. Since you're hooking people up, o.šeyï needs a certificate from Harvard Law! Not asking for too much... Distinction "pere"! That's it!

Hey guys as you know the BLOGVILE IDOL CONTEST Would be kicking off on 11th JUNE 2007...Please help us make it a succes by participating..We already have our contestants(fellow bloggers)who would be singing in the voice comment player on the blogville idol page.We need you to listen to them and vote..Pls check our page (the Condition on entry) and see what is required for u voters to do and your voting dates,the voting poll would be up soon..Pls help us turn this to a success...and pls visit the page frequently...Tanx for ur support as we try to spice things up in blogville
oya babalaye e don do now haba, come and update jo!!!
Go on Baba, join the snapvine bandwagon and lets hear your 'deep' voice. You know u wanna
All we are saying,
Give us update! your blog, totally hilarious, the comments are the best.
glad you have moderation now, but i will miss all the ridiculous, ignorant anonymous comments, it totally makes my day..hahah
as my mum proudly says "if they dont talk about you , you aint shit yet".
Lol @ Omohemi, dude hope u r good. Update, update!
Hescuze sa! (Excuse me sir) E jo Update na!
hey sweetie.. hope ur doing alright.. happy summer sha
I am fed up, totally fed up with you. Do I have to pay you to update you blog?

What's this? Do you want me to develop high blood pressure or will you be happy if I have a stroke?

Ok you win.....I give up, I will just crawl back under my rock...Urghhhhh!!!!1
Babaalaye can you please give us an update?please?
Please don't shake it off!
that feeling of giving us an update, let it over come you now,
yes...yes....that is it.
I can see the update coming now.

Ok, I stop the madness, but please come update!
baba alaye, *waving my omorogun in the air**..

u b'ea come and update before i flog u with it. ahn ahn, dont u know that u keep me blogging? ma s'ere kere o!!
baba alaye!! d one and only babaA !! baba O!! gbabenski!!! na u baba!! (in agbero voice).....

oya pls update jo.. next time i come back and u havent updated...
since u want all of blogville to beg u first before u update, i have decided to add mine to all the voices clamouring for u to update. UPDATE OOOOOOOOOOO!!!
where art thou?
Whats up Alaye Father? hope everything is cool....its been a hot minute since your last entry....At this point we not even asking for a post... an "I AM ALIVE" notice will
Babaalaye! please update now, we miss u o! oh.. i'm new but of course i shall ask and RECEIVE..all i want is ur account number and... er.. oh... er.. what do i want now? oh..yes money to go to d mall.. on a shopping spree.. (nothing less than $1000) as per BABA now... u ought to provide! lol! he he!
Baba Alaye, abi yawa don gas?.Hope nothing 0!Update now?Ehn? Ah.
which kin work u dey do sef? wey u no fit yarn us, ehn. No make dem kill u o!
how come you cant spell, u no go school? lol
love your blog
mamalaye tell your husband to update now,i believe he is going to listen to you if you tell him to update.we have being begging him to update but he is not listening to us.Abeg beg your husband for us.
okurin.. nibolowa(i know u know my yoruba is great!!!.. lol)
babaAlaye, wats up now? kinda miss your post... :-)
For God's sake, dis arakunrin has been gone for waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long. Haba!
I'm convinced that sth is VERY wrong. Now I have a resolution...

Please email any of the bloggers from a pc @ a cybercafe, that way "they" cannot track who and who u've emailed.

Of course delete it 4rm the sent folder. Now, if u feel u cannot trust any of the bloggers... can definitely trust me. So, email

Now, after this we shall see a way we bloggers can help, abi?

I think that is a good idea, so please send the statement to my email so least we know u are alright.... Haba????
Unbroke my heart,
say you are coming to blogger again,
undo the no posting for several months and come back to blogsville,
Undry this tears,I have cried so many days,
Babalaye unbroke my heaaaarrrt...
Please update!

And the wait and search for babaalaye continues.
I solemnly swear to be on your blog like white chics on NBA players...bros, you are off da hook!
Ok, I think you're officially dead. Good riddance to one of OBJ rugrats!
am sorry babaalaye, but I'll have to sue you, yes sue you!
Under section 34, subsection x of the blogsville constitution, a blogger cannot abscond after much plea from other bloggers, without explaination.

Please return soon, or you will get a letter from the lawyers, not joking lawyers from naija's judicial system oh!, am talking jerry macguire kind of lawyers.

Ok, am serious now, Update, please!

has it really been 2 months since Baba Alaye left or am I seeing double?
I need my Crack!! UPDATE!!!! okay pretty please!
Hey B, whats up?
I've just spent the best part of 2 days reading up on all your old posts and the comments... Damn! You are one gifted man! It's a shame you've decide to take a long hiatus from writing.

We love you... so don't stress out with what some mofos say or think... just come back... pleeeeeeeease!

Baba Alaaye, the next time I go come here and I no find update, walahi, it will be my last time here! Haba!
Ok, I was joking. Update abeg...
Are you ever going to return?
*sniff* sniff*
Update please.
Are you ever going to return?
*sniff* sniff*
Update please.
Yo Baba

Just noted that you dropped by certain peeps tables to wish them
Happy Birthdays.

Just to let you know that mine is next week and I will be at ********.

You can come along as a stripper and introduce yourself. *wink*

And as I am the 100th commentator, your better update this blog..... or murder will be committed.

Is this threat enough?
I know u r alive and well. where is my update now!!!!
Glad you're still hiding under a rock! Continue to stay there with the rest of all ya OBJ woowoo woowoo brotha's and sista's. Oloshi!
Got ur identity revealed to me by a stranger with no credibility. But i believe her!

So I just want to say; Orji Uzor Kalu, since you are on bail now, come&update!
I'm not like these other ones who will threaten to kidnap your nuts or stab you in your left eye with a dull spork, if don't update. I will use the proper naija way to ask you to blog.

Oya Baba Alaye, come and take cabin biscuit and tom tom, just update your blog bikonu. If you want chocomilo dey sef
So is that the end :(
On my tea break

I will not, I cannot,I must not give up on you until you update.

What shall you offer you to update?
A cow, a fowl,a bat,tell so that I can begin the sacrifice.
An update must be born this month.
On my Pee break
checking on babaalaye
and begging him to update.
we know u're there...there's comment moderation duh...update jo!
Alas!!!! We've lost you.
Thanks to the Anonymouses of blogville!!!
Come bros this rough play don too much o! update jo! na so u dey vex? abi u wan tell dis children say dem fit win you? am sure u don't quit that easy. or u travel go wia civilization neva reach say u no get internet access?

whatever the ans to the numerous ????s i have is.....the bottom line na say make u UPDATE OOOOO!!!!!..ah ah
ahannnnnnn since May ..U have mad e my day at work oh with ur blog .. i just finished reading every post..ahan wont u updateeeeeee plsssss!!!!
Perhaps it is not fair Baba, we have frequented your blog waiting for an update, for months now we have been suffering and definitely not smiling, is it right to ignore us so? is it? even if it is to sneeeze pleeease sneeze on the blog, we would be happy (maybe), really please nooow. we are begging, my eyes are watering. *sobs sobs*
I trust you are good.
he has gone o!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come back now!!!1 why r u doing strong head liek this na?
Hi Alaye, i know you've stopped blogging, but i'd like to invite you to view my blog all the same. Sorry about all the crap you've been through. This is the reason why i have privatised my blog. I don't want anons turning it into a market place. I'm sending you an invite pronto.

Stay cool.
Alaye baba!!! Thanks for stopping by! Egbon, I'm begging you. Come back!
baba.........wey u oh!?..ur pikins dey cry
abeg,pls,(jokes apart),come back to blogsville
@badderchic, dat your plea get as e be o. All for a blog.

U too, omo baba, e don do now. Aseju no good o.
Men, your'e a real writer! Your words just open up your soul. Now where the hell are you?
Men, your'e a real writer! Your words just open up your soul. Now where the hell are you?
Merry Christmas to you and yours. Hope you are well
I know you still come here. Happy New Year!
Gbenga Obasanjo is accusing his father-in-law, his own father of sleeping with his wife, Moji, of adultery. But with not only his father, Obasanjo but plenty other men.

This is crazy and the story is everywhere...the couple obviously want the world to hear their story so let’s help them spread the word.

According to Encomium magazine of this week, 22nd of January, this is Gbenga Obasanjo’s court papers: Unedited. Signed by Emankhu Addeh and Associates, legal practitioners for the petitioner (Gbenga)

It's a 1-50 page document, but I will only replay some parts of the document I personally find shocking.
Here it is...
Gebnga Obasanjo's unedited court documents...
7. The petitioner avers that he has always met all the needs of the children of the marriage despite always having doubts about their actual paternity.

8. The petitioner avers that the respondent confided in him severally while they were living together that she had been sexually abused and defiled by her father , Otunba Alex Onabanjo on several occasions.

9. The petitioner avers that it was his bid to forcefully put an end to this ignoble acts on the part of his father-in-law, Otunba Alex Onabanjo, that led to the total breakdown of relations between himself and Otunba Onabanjo

10. The petitioner further avers that he knows for a fact that the respondent committed adultery with and had an intimate, sexual relationship with his own father, General Olusegun Obasanjo.

11. The petitioner avers that the respondent also got rewarded for her adulterous acts with several oil contracts with the NNPC from his father, General Obasanjo, amongst which was the NNPC consultancy training in supply chain management awarded to her company Bowen and Brown.

12. The petitioner avers that the lurid sexual relationship of the respondent with her own father, Otunba Onabanjo and his father, General Obasanjo, has brought him great pain and psychological trauma and is the primary reason for the breakdown of his marriage to the respondent.
13. The petitioner also avers that the respondent while married to hi was also committing adultery with one Mr. Olumide Ogunlesi.

15. The petitioner avers that it is now necessary for a court ordered DNA test to be carried out on both himself, Otunba Onabanjo and General Obasanjo by a competent independent medical laboratory chosen by the court, in order to ascertain the actual paternity of the children of the marriage as the continued uncertainty about their actual paternity is making his life a misery.

16. The petitioner avers that the actual father of the children of the marriage will be found amongst himself, Otunba Alex Onabanjo and General Obasanjo.
Shame you stopped blogging. It was very entertaining
Hey please come back, I have a crush on ur blog.
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BAba come back now.
Unless we would be soon be celebrating your 1 year absensce!
hope u still come here to read ur comments..u are missed!

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