Monday, April 14, 2008



I never met her. At least not physically but the pain still hurts worse than a toothache.
God is Sovereign. Who are we to question his will?
The lord will be with you and comfort you. We won't stop the prayers.
Take care Buki.

May God rest Mama Buki's soul. Amen.

Some of us still keep coming back hoping you will post an update.

How are you?
dare i say first?

take heart buki...
our prayers are with you...
Sitting here thinking of what to type. Have given up, will say a prayer instead.
u know i almost knew u were going to either leave a comment or make a post, i really dont know why.

LB, u are in our prayers constantly. easy babes.
Baba Alaye.. I really like you.
I just found out about buki's mom today, and even though I've never met her like you said, it really hurts. I was hoping someone in the blogville will put up a post for Buki and her mom...I've looked at multiple blogs, I'm glad you wrote something, that's why I like you....Buki deserves it. Let's all keep her in our thoughts and prayers.
Beautiful babaalaye... just beautiful...
Thank you... Thank you....

God bless you.
How is life for you guys out of power?
I know you will not have the liver to publish this. I see your Blog B* is back also
anonymous was that really necessary, somebody's mother died after a long struggle and all you can talk about is random things? i mean really is the post about babaalaye and his? kai, some people have no decorum
Its a lie!cant belief babaalaye love bukky and mum so much that he just surface from no where.We ve really miss you.

For bukky,take heart.You did all a good daughter could do for your mum.She is happy with the lord and who are we to query him.
from the few posts I read on Buki's blog, she really lovedd her mom, and she will be in my prayers.

are u back?
This comment has been removed by the author.
It is well.
Really sad...I never read much of her posts cos they always made me cry...but I always prayed things would turn out well...

Thx for the birthday wishes.
May her soul rest in peace.

Baba are you back?
good to see u back, even if its just for buki.
yeeeeee!!!! baba's back? dint know bout ur blog til u decided to go awol. was shocked wen i saw ur comment on 36's. howdy?

I pray God gives LB and her's the strength to hold on. Am sure HE knows best
May The Blessings Be...

I agree
i know..its so sad!! shes in a much better place!
welcome back o,Baba Alaaye!!!!!!!!!!!.
Hope u and urs r well.
i belive London Buki's Mum is in a better place.May her soul rest in paece and may God give her family the fortitude to bear the loss.
Hmm.. That was really a great post.. It helped me a lot.. Thnx..

**of course i still feel for buki,i know the pain of losing a parent**and May mummys soul continue to rest in perfect peace.**amin**--girl if u need me oh,as i said,i'm just an email away.

@anon who posted that random nonsense-
May God forgive and touch your disturbed soul.
There IS a time and place for everything,and NOW just isn't the time to attack babaalaye.The bloke has been gone for a loooong while,and you still kept all that in you?hmmm na real wa.God save us from vicious anons.The post is about empathising with buki,if you lack that ability,why don't you keep it moving for now?cold hearted monster.

ED-excessive diva
Would his royal majesty oblige me by visiting my page...again? lol
Take heart and God Bless
Alaye, do blogville a favor and crawl back under the rock.
Mama Buki is in a better place.

Praying that God continues to comfort Buki.

BabaAlaaye Intel

Nice to see a newish post on this Blog again
Psalm 116:15 - Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints

@ anon (15/04)...completely inappropriate! this is about someone that lost their mother so take your attitude elsewhere
prayers will not stop!!Buki take heart
ao if you would jus please vote for me, geisha, o the page,
starting on the 7th of july,
i\ll be vey grateful.
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