Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Ashawo no be work o!!! Na Lifestyle.

Diffrent different things dey happen for this our Nija i swear. I'm not the most observant person in the world, but this has stopped being subtle it's in your face. Almost choking.
They comb offices all around town "visiting". Clad in the most revealing stuff in their closet. On a Wednesday morning you'd think it's a Friday night.It's making me hard to concentrate on work. Okay, Truthfully i'm not concentrating, i'm checking out my fav Blogs. Which one come be your own now? Mr. Efficiency. Employee of the year Kpele o. Abeg comot make i see road.

Right here on my Table at work is a Wedding Invite for this Saturday. Oga o.Ebere is getting married. Na wah o. Even Ebere!!! Bad girls have it made i swear. This Chica don go round every bobo in Lagos and we're only talking about the bobos i know o. What of the countless ones wey i no know hmm. Single guys, Married guys, Divorced separated, bring it on. She don dey do since 1993 wey Boys they pari ise (Finish am) for Murphis Toilet. Whatever happened to those joints back in the day sef? Murphis, Terris Burger, Eddie King Burger, and Chicken something i forget what it's called now. Anyway sha.

Wetin i dey talk again sef? Ehen Ebere. Ebere don find Husband o. Surprise surprise. That girl would screw anything that drove up in four wheels back then. Anything. As long as it came in a car. The girl ehn, she no sabi talk NO. lai lai. If it comes in a Car she rides. End of story.
Anywhoo the story is, she's now attending one Pentecostal church in Ikeja. She even dey choir sef. Na so one guy wey come from yankee say make e come bury im Papa see am for Church say na fine yellow girl. Before you could say "Nna Bros chelu" e don dey Western Union money to Ebere family for Okokomaiko. How correct nice babe go dey ground, people like Ebere go find correct bobo marry am? Na serious issue o. Bad girls go to heaven no?
Guys let me tell you something. If you see a babe ehn, and you wan marry ask well well o. Wetin i talk? do research gan seriously... That's how i saw my work colleagues main squeeze in a Micro Mini on Akin Adesola one night like that. I couldn't breathe a word of it to him. It would totally break him to pieces.
They are still "dating" and i feel kinda bad for him but hey no be for my mouth dem go hear that kain thing... Ignorance is bliss yeah?

On the flip side of this, The economy is soo bad, things are so difficult for the average man like you will not beleive. Going by the comments on by last post. I tried to do a not too perfect math on how a Man is expected to survive on the Federal Govt. Minimum wage of #7,500 monthly.(about 30 pounds/55 dollars). Mr. Man spends about 5,000 on transportation a month, and he's got a wife(My driver has two), 3 kids, pay nepa bill, feed his family, clothe himself and his family,Pay school fees, books, his aged parents at home, and other miscellenous wahala. Haba!

And all this is on the assumption that the guy is gainfully employed in the first instance.
It's a different kettle of fish when there's nothing coming in at the end of the Month, and he's got teenage kids.The boys struggle through school, most likely will moonlight as a conductor or Mechanic or something. The girls, ....well you guessed it. Have you been to Kuramo Beach at night? This young teenage girls have sex with Men for about 1 pound.(250 naira). Just so they can eat.

Quick math. If there are 100,000,000+ Nigerians,(That's one hundred million. yup) and only about 20% are employed, another 20% gainfully employed....i'm being very geneerous right hurr.
There must be about 60 million starving/nearly starving Nigerians.
With the above in mind, a girl born into the unfortunate tax bracket, Father is a Ministry Clerk, Mother is a School Teacher/Hospital nurse, warrever. There are 5 kids in the house. How the heck do you work that? What are her options?

When we scream about "moral decay" in the society, i don't think its's that cut and dried.We should look at the whole picture.Are we that morally Bankrupt as a people. No i don't think so. It's Poverty. When you go to bed hungry because you don't have food to eat, and you're not sure where Breakfast is coming from. Your outlook to life changes.It stops being about what the flashy Pastor says you can't do, it becomes a race of Survival. And the odds are daunting.
You don't beleive me? Step into any face me i face you house in Lagos for 10 minutes and see how people live, how 15 people squeeze themselves into a room just a little bigger than a Toyota Corolla. How 100+ people shove and fight to use a Maggot infested bathroom in the morning.
Then get dressed and jump on a Molue to go to work. All their hopes and dreams dashed, their future mortgaged by Corrupt Politicians and Millitary Despots.. No Medicare, no Electric Power, no food, nothing. Even Dogs at the other more affluent part of town feed better.Poverty amidst plenty.

A lot of these girls want to chart a better future for themselves they see education as a ticket out of abject povert. (role models are all over the place). So they give it their all. They throw everything in it. They use the only thing they've got. They sleep with Lecturers to get admission into school, sleep with lecturers to pass exams, sleep with Aristos to feed, buy handouts, clothe themselves, and they have absolutely no time for broke undergraduate boys trying to run game. (Oloshi olori buruku i'm running away from poverty you wan make i come add your own join? Na Flowers i go chop? you dey craze. Abeg carry your Basketball shirt, and tontirin jeans comot for here before i open my eyes .lol) Baby gurl needs to send money home to feed her siblings and take care of her ailing mother or wharrever.

They finally graduate from school and keep in touch with the numerous Aristos.Her Networking is on point,she's a *cough* "graduate" now, so she gets a job in xyz Bank. Now she's an official Lagos Big Girl. She buys a Honda, moves from Okokomaiko to a Flat at Opebi, She comes to jand for Summer, attends all the Ovation type parrys in Naija, get's herself an Ajebutter Ikoyi boy, The Boy has no idea where she's coming from. All he knows is she cooks well, cleans up his crib, has no qualms washing his clothes, she shows him a few bedroom tricks that blow his socks off, goes to church every Sunday and Wednesday, Bobo is going, going, gone. Next thing na for Wedding Web site you go see them.
That, my friend is the Nigerian dream.

If you met a girl at a Parry, all decked up in Gucci this Prada that, and she's gushing about her trip to Venice and her Ski holiday at St.Moritz. And you ask her "which Secondary School did you go to"? and she starts stuttering... ehm you see..."actually it's one school like that in Mile 2". lol. Don't push the subject.Drop it . That's one of several giveaway signs.

Let me quickly chip this in. "The Stupid Girl". The dumb Middleclass girl who lives in Maryland, Daddy is an Engineer, Mommy is a Doctor. Your folks are doing okay, not rich but comfortable.You went to QC, or FGC, or something. Then you get to Unilag you meet the Kpako girl who is desperately trying to be like you. Screwingg pot bellied married men all around town to have money just so your Middle class ass dont look down on her rasmobogee ass. So she buys all the clothes you buy, refines her phonee, No more Akara and Pap. Kpako chic buys all the stuff you eat "including Kelloggs" (sue me. Shio).
Then you, the Stupid Girl somehow got it twisted and thought Aristo Runs was fun. Sweetie it's so not fun. It's a facade. It's survival baby, not fun and games. It's a hustle stupid!!! Mami been hustling since Primary 5.
Whilst you were singing along to Sounds of Music. She was bumming Free Kulikuli off the Mallam pushing the Wheel barrow.
Be content with what your folks can give you now. They are trying their best. You don't need salvatore Ferragamo shoes it's a fucking 3rd world country. Thank God for your Parents, and accept what you're given. It ain't easy for them either but they strive so much. You don't have to look like Ciara, c'mon. The Kpako girls don't have a choice. That's the only thing they reckon they have. Let them do their thing. You stay good, clean, have fun, go on dates(with boys your age), read good books, broaden your mind, but please no Pot bellied old men. You really don't need that extra cash. Trust me.

*Note* I'm not female bashing. I'll talk about the guys some other time.

Go figure. A Nija Runs chic who is used to blowing 500,000 a month courtesy of Aids Donors (Aristos) Now get's a job, earns 70k a month, gets married .Bobo earns say...200k a month. And she still wants to rawk her Prada,Miu Miu, and Marc Jacobs.
What's the easiest alternative. What are her options? Yup you guessed it. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.
Small wonder Divorce rate has gone way up in Naija. 300% in the last 5 years. What more can i say?

Meanwhile Ebere's Wedding IV is so cool. I'm looking at it on my table now. The back says Printed in New-York. Okayee.

Interesting way of putting things.

We seem to import only the negative aspects of western culture.
Babaalaye, your posts are witty as usual.I keep wishing it wont end.

Point of correction. 75% of Nigerians are unemployed. The picture is more grim than you painted.Have you been to Edo State? Prostitution is the only option there. No crude oil.
The scenario(s) you've outlined here are sad and unfortunate, but apparently also very true.

As for the girl who's getting married...what can one say? Well, you know what they say about leopards and their inability to change their spots?! Good luck to her and her husband-to-be!
True said...
Very very true!

The social climber described...a male friend of mine fell into that trap...moved back from jand and met a girl that was legendary for her aristo runs....he didnt know any of that until it was too late..engaged and about to be married.

The 'stupid girl' described...I know sooo many people like tht...just get caught up for no good reason!

I'm lovin your blog...
lol@checking blogs at work... I don't think you'll be winning employee of the year for 2006 ... lmao@the eberes of the world.. thats what most naija babes do i heard... they work their pussy till around 27.. then they put their microminis away, buy a bible,hymn book, scarf and long skirt and start singing a different tune.. instead of awilo longomba it becomes 'amazing grace'... they start attending bible study twice a guy instead of the bar and there's always gonna be one 'brother' that will be attracted to their 'church dedication' and propose.. but usually its the foreigners who chances are havent heard the stories that get trapped.. i mean sometimes ebere has completely changed and sometimes.. its just until the "i do's"

you're one of the funniest bloggers there is forreal.. this aristo thing.. i knoew about it but didn't know it was called that(we learn something new everyday right?!?!).. hope ur week's going great my dear
Alaye you are a Bastard.
You could at least have had the decency of changing the girl's name.Who are you to judge anybody?
Are you any better? Is your Uncle any better? Motherfucker...
Somebody in that Hall on Saturday will read this rubbish you have written and the poor girl's business is all over the Internet.
She at least deserves some happiness and peace.Wish i could say the same for your thieving,twisted, bastard family.
Arrogant fool.
I'm sure you knows who am and i DONT CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do your worst.
@ Azuka Yes o my brother.
Naija chics have redefined the game

@ Annon Thanks. Thanks to for the correction. Didn't wanna sound too pessimistic.

@April. Yup! i feel sorry for the guy. But each to his own abi?

@Bella. It's the norm now mami.Only God will save us o.Although this babes give off some signs. If you're an observant guy youll notice pretty quickly.

The "stupid Girl" is not exactly Grade A. ajebutter. she's more like blue band or planta margarine.(which is okay) but she desperately wants to upgrade to the real thing.
Why would you want to compete with the daughter of the guy who pays your Dad's Salary? Haba. Shoe get size now. Count your blessings, drop the Ovation, and pick up a financial empowerement Book.

@Overwhelmed. You don come again o.
No worries when i win the awards ehn, i go come show you for house.
Na those people plenty pass for church now o.
"Backing it up at Saga viii on a Friday night, Raising it up to God at Redeemed on sunday morning".
Some Mugu brother who wants a trophy wife go come carry head put inside yamayama.
The Scary thing is all these old pot bellied Men hate condoms. They can't get it up long enough to slip it on. So it's raw back all the way. Then some nice, proper christian boy now wants to marry without an Aids test becuse he met the girl in a church.
Ladies warn your brothers!!!!
Check the babe out on his behalf. We guys are as blind as bats. A word is enough..

@Anonymous You don't deserve a retort.You wont get the satisfaction of a verbal war.Go get a life!!!
Oloshi olori buruku.
It's wrong to check blogs at work? I always put in 30minutes first thing and 5 minute snippets through the day. Nobody told me o!! LOL!

Well written post. A little mean for my taste (because you may have used her real name and all), but undoubtedly well written. You hit the nail on the head when you said "Bad girls have it made i swear." No be small thing.
lmao.. viagra no dey Nigeria?!?!
@ Inmyhead Nobody told you ehn? Okay now you know. Oya Close that blog now.

I didn't use her real name. How could i? This faceless anonymous people just keep trying to piss me off.Maybe he's her husband ...lol

@Overwhelmed. Viagra dey o my sister.
But you know, they come in different shades of blue here.
Aba blue, Taiwan blue,India blue, and the authentic blue.
That is why Armed rober will still your car on Kingsway road and beat you up and you cant find it and we know who shame on you and your family you thin k you are are beter than everybody else you and your uncle are BASTARD.
Book of Proverbs: Pride beget a fall.
you are warned!!!!!
@ the anonymous commenter - get a life. Better still (or should I say "steal"), go to school.

In my head - lolll I do the same thing. Spend the first 30 checking up on my blogs and then throughout the day!

Babaalaye - it was a funny post but sometimes you have to give them hand - a girl's gotta do what she has to do to survive. It's the stupid ones who get up to all sorts to feel among ... hey they get what they deserve. Loll @ "blue band or planta margarine"
Lol! Noni Moss re '...or should I say "steal", go to school'

I'm still laughing!

Btw Babaalaye, I didn't say it before but I absolutely enjoy reading your blog, you relate your stories in the juiciest of ways.
this guy. original crase... another nicely written post. lol.
hehehheheehe people change now haba, lol!
@ noni moss. You're too mad. Better steal you don craze hehehe. Thanks Mami.I hate Censorship in any form thats why i haven't deleted the idiot's post. I feel everyone should be given an opprtunity to express their views. The flip side is, you get all sorts of nutters and losers. I don't have the foggiest idea who this guy is.

@April. Thanks. Noni moss na serious bAsket case.

@ Olawunmi Thanks Bro. I admit the post was a bit harsh. I felt like lashing out at somebody after that dreadful Celtic Park performance.
Please warn Saha to steer clear. He ain't safe. hehehe.

@Bhookey You know what they say.
"You can't turn a ho into a housewife".
Everytime you turn your back she's back to what gives her validation.
These your last two posts are very heavy on social commentary....love it, oh.

You do a good job of expaining why the really "needy" girls do what they have to do no matter how undesirable. Regardless, they also deserve a chance to live a good life. I would just recommend that men/women take your advice and do their homework on their respective partners so that they can make the most informed decision.

And every damn body should be getting tested regardless!
This guy my nyansh is paining me now. I fell off my seat when i was laughin'
The sad thing is that we treat many of these Nigerian rich men Aids. They sneak in here and get there drugs quietly while claiming that they have cancer
@ Chicaafiq. Na so o. Tell them to shine their eyes well well o. There are wolves outside.

@ Nosa. Thank God you can laugh now after the Celtic Park fiasco.

@annon.Thanks you are one of the reasons why i still allow annonymous commenters.
The popular one is "Died after a brief illness"
Babaalaye. Can you do me a favour? Tell me who you are. I promise I'd keep it 'tween us. I won't teeellllllll your sikrittttt! Your sikrit is safe wifff mmeeeeee!

On the real tho', your post would have been funny, if it wasn't so true. Its so sad and I still maintain that its time for our generation to stand up and change things...

I'm also interested in setting up a Sponsor-a-child type organisation so that the wealthy nigerians as well as other nations can help the poor out particularly education wise. If you or any other bloggers are interested let me know and I contact you on your individual blogs. Don't worry, I aint a 419ner.

Hot shick!

Referred from Bellanaija

You have really got talent!

Kip it up........
I hate you Bastard. The oter anonymous who say sponsor a child.
How can? when his family is corrupt and witchhnting innocent people. People are dying in this country and they keep raping the country revolution dhall surely come Bastard and you say you dont know me you bought 7 series and it's stolen in 7 days.Shame upon your head.Do you know me nowIs your junor Sister not worse than prostitute you describe? The blood of nigeria on all of you Bastard Remember King Nebuchadnezzar in the bible i hate you and what your type stand for fuck you.noni moss fuck you too. prostutute.Your family is illiterate.
Hum.....just came across ya blog through bella naija and l must say. it's very sad but true. Na wa o, lagos get levels.
Even though I don come dis blog like 1 million times, I never read am, now I did , I kon dey blame myself why I no read am when I dey angry. omg! Its hella funny!

But its pretty say for that "gentleman", howid you knw that ur supposedly wife used to be a waster paper basket? But could this ladies be blamed? Its societal pressure and blame it on self-esteem. I wouldnt really condemn them, but how they get those innocent men is alarming...kai

Point of correction: Ashewo na work oh!! Who go fit afford print invitation in "New York" abi rock Marc Jacobs and Hermes in Naija...
EBERE? i hope the name is not real oh in any case i am adding your link to my favorite blogs hope you do the same:)
Keep blogging:) @anonymous prostitution is never the only option! I know some one who opened a small cybercafe in EDO STATE and is doing just fine!
@ Dipo.Thanks Bro.

@Yankeenaija. Na true my sister.Lagos get levels

@Naijadude. True talk. And make man pickin dey very prayerful gan sef.Meanwhile siddon there you hear?. Peeps dey rock Marc Jacobs, Hermes fifi ati be be lo for Naija well well.If you get invited to one of those (According to Taurean Minx)"I feel alright" parrys ehn. The Bling and Ice go make cold catch you.

@Naijagirl. The name is not real.But the Xter is so for real.
I'll link you Mami. Promise.

@Annonymous. If you hate me so much why spend so much time on my blog?
Surely you have a life right? Why not send me an email if you really know me instead of acting like a fucktard(Sorry Nosa i had to borrow that).
And you didn't have to call noni moss a "prostitute" (this is the correct spelling).That was so uncalled for.
E ma gbami lowo oloshi were alasho yi.
(Somebody pls save my ass from this raving emm..emm...Were.)
Wow, Wow, is all i have to say, i am loving your blog. God will help us in Nigeria oh. You've just acquired a new blog stalker :)
Gosh!.. so thats how its done. Ha!. so Ive been jonsing busting my butt working.lol..
LMAO @ tontirin pants and rasmobogee ( what does that mean BTW)..

You just broke down the sad reality.. When I heard some girls from well off homes do it just to "fit in" i found it really hard to swallow. Life is soo much easier when you dont have to impress anyone.

Hell, I am still working on understanding the concept of the "lagos big girl" what are the qualifications? Is having an aristo prerequisite?
@baba alaye, I know say dem dey rock am now, na hin I dey talk say, se wey my mama dey manage abi wey hin papa go fit afford Hermes and Marc Jacobs? Hell No! U go dey hear me dey preach say "All those na vanity", My family is pretty humble...hahahah
Sign of no money! LOL

Abegi u get ashewo work for me?
funny and true. but what happens when the kpako girls move into your middle glass white town to give blow jobs to more middle class pot bellied men. and they still look toe up.
i do not like your depiction of ebere at all. I understand your words are light and lend humor to a not so humorous way of life but understand that ppl can change. you mention she goes to a pentecostal church and is in the choir as if she's role-playing and not serious...as if the guy is signing a death warrant.

im waiting for your follow up on guys before i continue
Nice & Interesting Post. Sad but the true reality of the happenings in Naija today. Girls trying to 'meet up' You said it all true & True!!
Thougt-provoking post. But that is life. People can really change, so perhaps "Ebere" has had a change of heart.
What else? The babe finish herself before she come church and some people are talking about changing and repentance!!
Is it the poor guy who has been keeping himself from diff ladies that deserves a 'repented' lady?
When more gruesome punishments are organised for them, they'll reduce their fuckorama.
Ostracizing these people like plagues will teach others following a grave lesson.
Are they the only ones that experience poverty? Poverty is everywhere. The poverty wey dey Darfur pass 10 times thee one in 9ja. So if they were in Darfur, they wld be doing nFOKiabasi 20 times a day or what?
There's never a justifiable reason for doing bad things, even if it's in the name of putting food in their stomach.
It's very painful that men really have to spend productive time carefully studying ladies' past which are Houdinously hidden.
BABA KE!!! I love you already for this post. I think this may actually be my forst time on your blog. BUt you are so on the damn money and I am so feeling you. Especially as a reformed 'almost stupid girl' who used to bitter about how I don't have liver to even think about Aristo runs but admire the 'hustling abilities' from the side line. I just watch and enjoy the gist. All of which make me appreciate my civil servant middle class parents for Peak Milk and Kellogs..lol

LOL...Rasmobogee...when last did I hear that? Nice One!
@ Teekay Stalker ke? I'm scared

@ Toni Payne. My friend, no be me teach you bad thing o.When your Juicy ass gets fired you go come say na BabaAlaye teach you to check Blog for work.
On the Lagos Big Girl Qualification, i go need to send you go LSS (Lagos Social School) Class is already in Session. 101.
Go to Taurean Minx's page.

Naija dude. I no get Ashawo work for you o. I no nothing!!!!!

@g. Are you trying to tell me something??? Out with it girl.

@Diamond Hawk. You missed something dude.
I know this girl. I'm not trying to knock anybody's new found Spiritual Hustle but the stuff i see on a daily basis in Lagos will shock you.

@Anthony Ar. True talk my brother. Sometimes i'm filled with a blinding rage when i see Chicks that have been around the block several times over, hook some cool never-did-anything-wrong mommy's boy with a good JOB and bright prospects. The poor inexperienced guy doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell. Plus the added baggage of latent but very real STD's and sometimes worse.

@Addy. Yay you finally dropped by. Thanks. You're a Blogger Gem i hope you know that.
Thanks for sharing that.For the down and out girls, maybe i understand why they do what they do. But truly there's nothing as bad as a middle class girl with comfortable parents being a Prostitute. It's so sickening i don't even think it's a self esteem issue anymore. I think there are several prostitution demons unleashed over Nigeria.It's more serious than we think people.
The worst part is nobody is talking about it.

blog on!
omo, i'm seriously adding you to my fav blogs ojare! You're good. I'll beeee baccckkkk!!!
Proffessional Latecomer: Time Don Reach To Update Again... oya update this thing kia kia!!!
babaalaaye A.K.A Mr famous and goodlooking pls update ur blog or else............hmmmmm.*&%@#!~(*&+_)$#@........pls spare me the torture,release me from your stronghold and update this blog!!!!plsssssssssssssss!!!!
BabaAlaye: I dunno how come I didn't find ur page sooner. Thanks 4 finding me sha. I love this post of urs; it's soooo on point.

I just have one question though: in your first paragaph, you were talking about the girls strutting their stuff wearing almost nothing, and you said, "It's making me hard to concentrate on work." Is it making IT hard or making YOU hard?


Just had 2 ask.... :)
Which one of the Obasanjo's are you ?
I need someone to send money to my mother who lives in Nija. I'm living in America but I can't afford to send any money to her right now...go figure!! Of course, momsy doesn't believe me and worse, she just retired from one of those federal agencies-or what do they call them in Nija-and she has no income and God only knows when she'll get her hard earned pension.I wonder if my Mom has eaten today.
Great blog. On this matter- Ebere husband to be nko? Him na saint? A beg i....
You've been tagged by moi. Check my blog 4 details.
Please update your blog...eagerly anticipatin your next post
I did and learned a lot even though Im not sure where I would fit in. Maybe I can start my own crew.. Ill call it the DWFI (dont wanna fit in) crew.. lo

Per getting fired.. dont worry unless I can find a sexier me, I wont be get fired anytime soon. hehehe
am feeling ur blog...Keep it up.
here is mine...
Lol, im loving this dude!
loving your blog oh...all these hilarious postings...u write guud!!!
Baba Alaye:
Kudos... You summed up my view of the lives of many young women in Giddy. I am a 23 yr. old Med student @ an Ivy league college in NY. Went to KC c/o 99. Floreat. Have a BS & MS. I'm proud and happy with everything my parents have done for me.
Like you I have come to understand the problems facing a young woman from a stuggling family in Giddy. I know I cannot fully understand the obstacles they have had to face but ...
I absolutely despise the young fairly well off girl who goes to Jand every summer (paid for by her parents) but now wants to go every other month (paid for by baba Arizto).
Most of all, Ariztos should all be shot (my popsie, uncles etc. included) included. Yet these people, my relatives, visit me here and tell me how immoral Americans are. Not defending Yankee people, but this same "married" uncle constantly ribs at me for not getting him a younging whenever he's here.
I know I'm a guy and should not really care but I have met a few girls in my life who have struggled and its really deflating to the pshyce.
Shoo. Like every guy out there I no wan come Naija come marry an Ebere. Kai. God forbid.
u couldnt have said it better, very true
You are one of the most sensible men I have ever had the pleasure of ...reading about. Thank you for getting it, especially about the middle-class babes. Thank you so much. Can I call you?[Grin!]

Wow!!! I cant seem to close my mouth! You are a great writer no doubt, you held my attention from the first word to the last line! So sad but so true.
Damn...this is serious...i dindt know crap like this was going down back home...this is just madd.
is the name of the restaurant you were trying to remember 'chicken george'? just crossed my mind.
Bross U writeup tite...
I say make u open column for newspaper joo.

Carry go!
your posts are very strong. I think you can change lives with your style of writing...LOL!!

Yeah, laugh all you want..but Im serious.
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