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One Hit Wonders

I'm at work and sleepy as hell. I wonder why i can't work from home in this blasted country. It's inhuman for anyone to be subjected to driving to work through that Lekki Traffic.

I had an Eureka moment this afternoon. See, i work in a building with strictly Engineers and 92% male.And i've always wondered why nobody really smiles, then it dawned on me. There are no Women here!!!! I noticed that if a chic walks into the an office all the guys sit straight up, Pop their collars and drooolllll. Then they start talking louder, become more assertive and generally start displaying Alpha male characteristics.(And they get more done) Agbayas. Meanwhile the chics here are either very married or Butt Fugly or both.Most times both. HR musta made it a criteria. If you look good peren, nothing for you. Oh well 7 hours of torture.

Anyway sha that's how i was looking through my mp3 files on my P.C (5 GB worth) and i stumbled on Positive K's "I got a man". Do ya'll remember that joint? I knew all the words to the song then back in High school. So that kinda got me thinking. What on Earth is Positive K up to now? Or Shabba Ranks for that matter. or Patra, All Saints,Mark Morrison, Eagle eye Cherry, 69 boys, Billy Ocean, Mad Cobra, XScape, Total, ....all of them like that. Na wah o.
One day you're a Superstar and people are climbing over each other to sign autographs, and chics are throwing panties at you on stage, then the next day you're like hi i'm Aaron Hall and the kid at the McDonald till goes Aaron who?

lol.. thats sooo true... i don't even know half the people you mentioned right now.. and it saddens me to think that all these ppl i love so much right now might not even be remembered 10,20 years from now... have a great week sweetie.. luv ur blog
All Saints just released a new joint in the UK. Xscape tried to come back earlier thie year but it didn't work. Total have disbanded and one of the girls is married to actor Omar Epps. Billy Ocean is definitely the most old school on the list and has won his place in history cos his joints are classic. I think Shabba, Patra and Mad Cobra are still trying to do some underground things. Mark Morrison...he was questionable from the start. Eagel Eye Cherry was good but his music wasn't mainstream so I wldn't be surprised if he's still doing music but underground somewhere. As for the others....not sure.
@overwhelmed. Tanks Mami for your kind words.
You're right.20 years is an awfully loong time.

@Ms.May. WoW!!! How on earth do u keep in touch with all that gist.
Next you'll tell me where Frank Sinatra is chilling,and Biggie trying to "Thief" Nat King Cole's Bling in heaven lol.
Thanks for the update.
Shabba Ranks? Patra? All Saints? Eagle eye Cherry? Billy Ocean? XScape? Total?

One hit wonders?
Chxta maybe not one hit wonders if you look at it like that. I'm allowed to goof up. At least i'm not writing a code lol.

On the real tho' i guess "where are they now"? Will be more apt?
Mark Morrisson: (unique voice, but erm like ms may said.. he was questionable from jump.. I mean who in heavens sings
but I do... yes I dodo doooo' He actually released a single earlier this year, ti was okay..but I'm not sure it charted.

Positive K: Damn that song was used wplenty when the guy wouldn't leave you alone.. but then I think that guy stole that lyric from Naija

Shabba was sooo not a one hit wonder, the man might have been fugly, but give him credit ohh, that man was churning out the hits like it wa going out of fasahion. His homophobia did him in. it was his statements in that in a large part made him no longer viewable, he did go on TV saying that gay people should be shot. Not a smart move.

patra again not a on hit wonder, but she was exploited heavily, she did a documentary where she said most of the people she worked with used her, she took what she had and went back to Jamaica a while ago, she worked as a producer behind the scenes and gave her life to christ. i think she built a church as well at some point.

All Saints are back. and lurrvely.

Eagle Eye cherry stated off producing, is back producing again

69 boys who? nothing for them

billy ocean Haba, this guy was the shiznit!. He was already an elder statesman when he released his hits, so he doesn't fit the profile of one hit wonder as he has had over 5 from different albums.. He is enjoying retirement with his lovely locs

XScape Well Kandi turned out to be the mot successful as she wrote and produced quite a few hits for quite a few well known artists.
Tiny is now famous for being TI's baby mama (I guess) haven't heard too much from the othes

TotalNow this is the one that pains me, cos I think they could have been huge if they had been marketed properly. I think one of them is part of another group, one is married to some hot shot or something

Aaron Hall couple of things did him in, I guess... his style was quite oldschool.. he did the whole swing thing which was cool, but he was always a crooner, when he tried to do other thins he looked wack. But the girls..well they liked him for his body and then we found out he was a wife beater and his women just slightly below the adult threshold.

damn this cracked me up
@ Soul, you really know your music!

Isn't Mark Morrison still in jail? I have to say I loved 'return of the mack'. Hmmm, I haven't thought about Eagle Eye Cherry but I liked his stuff!
....hmmm...maybe na your office I suppose come look for job when i come home ....would be nice to have the men drooling :D
I can see from your blog that you were in high school somewhere between 90 - 96. right?? Fada, egbon take am easy
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