Monday, December 18, 2006


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It's that time of the year again. That time when i get patted on the back at work by the $5000 suit guys. That time they show their appreciation by sending my sexy ass on an all expense paid holiday every thing 1st class. That's for working so hard all year long. Ok so i'm bragging Why you come dey squeeze face? Shio.

Well, anyway 60% of the time i was reading Blogs. Another 20% i was checking out Buffie the body's booty, then 10% i was on the Manchester United forum, 3% i was wishing there were more chicks in my office, then the rest sha i worked well sorta. My CEO, an affable Milton Keynes native is a Man utd fan. We get into a 1 hour meeting and the first 45 mins we're both whining about Chelsea ruining the game, the Abramowinch factor yadda, yadda , then the remaining 15 mins we gloat and laugh at Arsenal's dip in form. Then on the way out, at the door we talk business for 30 seconds then i'm back to good ol' Blogger, Buffie and Neshelle.

So sha i'm going on a much deserved holiday, (Shoot me). And this is so strange 'cause i'll need to say goodbye to a whole lot of people in the Blog world. It's been crazy the number of people i've met virtually, and grown to love since my first post just a month ago, November.
All the peeps that showed me love, left comments on my Blog, the people that yabbed me, those that shared some of my ehm..drama, and the female bloggers that i have a huge crush on.
You want me to mention names abi? Abeg face your front.
Anywhoo i love you guys. Una too plenty. I can't mention ya'll but do have a lovely lovely Christmas. Me i'm off to somewhere warm by the blue ocean and pristine white sands under a huge umbrella getting a rub down*smile* and hopefully no mosquitoes.
Away from Traffic, i won't have to wonder if the explosion i just by my gate heard na "banger" or Lawrence Anini's little Cousin(Ya'll know it's almost Christmas).
No more of stupid people inviting me as Chairman of some occasion or the other thinking i have all of nija's money. Then they abuse and curse me when i put five thousand naira in a crumpled envelope. Awon ode. I earn a Salary you ain't heard? You even dey lucky sef say i give you 5k. This country is fucked i swear. If you are launching your Church's whatever and i give you 10 million shouldn't you ask questions like young Man where did you get this money from? Answer me Mr. Pastor? After you will tell your congregation ehn his father is igba, awo. Where did the father sef get the money from? How much is his official Salary? Rubbish. Don't let me name your Church here o. Because if i talk ehn? ...You are annoying me gan seriously. You now had the guts to call me stingy. Imagine? And na this kain person go first talk say this country is corrupt. So where are the real role models?
God save you say you no talk am to my face. In fact i want my 5k back sef.

Anyway sha i'm outtie.

*I'm going on an Aeroplane, i don't know if i'll be back again* I wish there was a video for that Kanye song. Is it just me, or do you have a song you really love and wish there was a Video for it?

Bukky's Ex Boyfriend.

Hah!!!!first again!!! lol...babe me i'm envious of this ur holiday oh i'm stuck in this cold wet london and u get to go off to some nice exotic holiday spot thats so not fair lol but like seriously tho have a nice holiday but i hope u'll still be blogging oh...take care and merry christmas
Awwwwww just when i became a regular you are off on holiday!!! Oh well i guess u need a holiday, with all u've been thru in the last couple of months :0)

I hope you have a fantastic christmas and a properous new year.

Oh and do come back as you have become a stable in my blogging diet. If you dont, i know you'll be sorely missed in the blogging world.

ol' boy from wetin u don describe e be like say u dey head go Ibeno Beach in Akwa Ibom. Well u shall enjoy all d gbadun wey u mention, but no guarantee of no mosquitos. abeg do a couple of shots for me. 2 gbosas ( GBOSA - GBOSA)for being a bigger boy ( dem dey give u vacation for xmas) me i dey go work-o and it's not even my fathers company. How i go do am now?
U sure did get that right, "Bukky's Ex." Buki is a correct babe, she finally ditched ur black behind. Have a happy holiday o, and i'm secretly jealous of u. Baba Alaye is an "awun." E be like say small Ijebu blood dey inside u (i'm looking for trouble, i know). No offence to my dear Jebusites out there o. Enjoy
U be real craseman .. see as u twist tory for here make everybody believe say Bukky dey do u big time .. the chic leave u now u dey miss am ..abi na the chooking u dey miss ..u berra drill a hole for ur pillow dey use am pleasure ya sef ..LOL

Church call u stingy ..hahahaha Omo I no fit laff ..u for collect ya money back o..LOL

Omo na enjoyment u dey o ..Holiday!!!
ok wait.. this here
"i won't have to wonder if the explosion i just by my gate heard na "banger" or Lawrence Anini's little Cousin"
had me laughing so hard my tummy hurt. Gosh, Im still laughing..! ahhh I will really miss you. can't you blog from your vacation spot?. pweeeeeeeeeeese *pouts*
I know you have a crush on me Baba Alaye... but you know I'm a married woman... lol... but I'll accept a flawless 10karat yellow diamond(see i don't ask for too much)lol.. Have a merry xmas gorgoeus and have'll be missed... lmao@ the pastor.. don't mind him jare... but 5k?! you no try oh.. hehe
have fun at abe idi mangoro that you are going to..oniro yarning like say u dey go maldives or any one of dem blingingly fierce tropical places...okay okay IM JEALOUS CUS IM STUK IN LONDON..SO U HAVE A SAFE TRIP..AND WEAR A RUBBER OH.:-)
lol, have fun on ur vac!
enjoy man and don't do what I wouldn't do o!. Meanwhile I would try and keep your fan club entertained until you come back.
Have a lovely holiday bukky's ex boyfriend!! We'll we gathering eagerly around ur blog page to hear the details of how the holiday went over the new year!!! Cheers!!!

I'm so glad the gap has narrowed to 2points!! I could kiss the west ham manager and players for that wonderful feat!! Too bad u guys lost!!! ha!! ha!!! ha!! Chelsea is taking the cup a third time!!!! LOL!!!
Have fun in the T&C.....make sure you say hi to LisaRaye for me. You know she's the PM's wife down there. Take pics, okay? Not of yourself though..we don't really want to see your face, even if you wanted to show it. I'm talking about the blue ocean and pristine white sands...LOL.

And as far as the video...there's a song off BoyzIIMen's album NMSW called Dreams that I love and would like to see the interpretation of that in a video....romantic me.
Lucky you going on holiday ,I'm on holiday as well in Nigeria not very exotic after several bouts of nepa shutdown and breathin in the freakin dust thats everywhere ..but I'm still lovin it!
Oi you dead dog (watched that in a movie), take me on varcasion tooooo. Lol, Have a great time!
What? How can you go on holiday when I'm coming to Nigeria now? Who's going to hug me then?? tut tut.

Enjoy :-D Seasons Greetings!
LOL..Una bros! U be something else oh!!
Now u dey go abi? where u dey go? blue sand by the ocean, talking of being jealous , wey me dey inside cold, wey we dey happy say hin no too cold.

Either ways make sure you have yourself a very good Xmas and Happy New Year, back to blogging laterz eh!
merry christmas to you, and hope you have a nice break.
BabaAlaye...awww. I'll miss u. Can I come wit u??? Pretty please!

I'm sorry about you and Bukky (should I be sorry though?). Personally, I think you should decide what you want from your next woman b4 gettin involved, so that marriage does not become a complication instead of a goal.

I read a comment from an anonymous poster that said something about you loving her enough to marry her. In my opinion, you should not get married until you're absolutely ready to do so - emotionally, financially, spiritually, etc.
Seriously, can you take me wit u??? I'll rub u all you want...anywhere you want... *wink wink*
oh, darn shame, when i was jus gettin to enjoy ur blog,i hope u know u'll be sorely missed, so where to, hawaii, the carribean,i think the carribean is a better option ad bros, pls use protection, and dont u dare come back empty handed, we'll miss u, so much love, choos
oh i forgot to say, have urself a very merry christmass and a happy new year
hey, 'sup, u should know u'll be sorely missed,so where's the place, hawaii or the carribean,i think th carribean would be a better option, bros pls use protection i hope you have a great time and don't you dare come back empty handed, so much love, mimi
are you sure you are not just running away from you know who? i only hope she does not folloe you there oh. imagine if you get there and she is waiting for you cooly like "hmm and what are you doing here"?

oh enjoy your holiday first class but come where is my link? lol I added yours :) anyhow bring something for your loved ones on blogger! oh!
broda enjoy ur time off work(or the lack thereof-and that is the sacrifice you make when you become a blogger. I've established various routines to help me do more work-left my computer at home, promised myself not to blog, etc...none of them have worked lol, it's all consuming)

enjoy ur time on the beeaassh.
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omo, boy its amazing to see that u've just been doing this twang for jus' a month plus. man u's good. anyway enjoy ur hols. so where u dey go now? abi bukki dey follow go ????
Excellent website. Good resources here, I will be back!
- o
spaghetti alla carbonara
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- i
spaghetti alla carbonara
Happy New Year, Baba Alaye
Joke: as you return bring me a laptop
Happy New Year. We want to hear all about your holiday oh!
Happy New Year babe... I hope you come back refreshed with plenty of gist for us... hope your holidays were fantastic and you're coming back to us no blacker than when you left! lol..
Baba wey you dey now? abeg come back abi holiday no dey finish for you from come? report to dis site and give us blog o! or you wan make person sing for you? ALL WE ARE SAYING...GIVE US MORE BLOGS!! oya efribody one, two, three, GO! ALL WE ARE SAYING... na your OMOGE be dis o.

You no try oh!
You come scarce pass fuel.
You better come back immediately and start blogging again, now now now now, by force by force!

See me see trouble, which kine one year holiday be this one?
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