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Sorry it had to go down

The Sum of all fears (I'm Totally Scared 2) Had to go down. I'm really sorry people.
I'm a sell out, and i'm not brave enough to tackle this whole mess. Some things are just way bigger than you no matter what sort of batteries you're running on you just can't keep up.

Some Issues have been burning for well over 50 years. As much as i'd like to change the world, i'm all grown now(At least in the last couple days) . I realise now that i can't. I'm a miniscule grain of sand in the bloody Sahara. So yep. I guess Pops was right. I'm an idealist.

There are things i'd like to say but i cant. I'd like to give you reasons for deleting the post, again i can't. I'm a Chicken, and i'm weak willed, a Coward and much worse. But there's Monsters everywhere.... and they scare me.

I'm a black, single 29 year old African male, stuck on a train track with his hands covering his eyes. Hoping the Train stops.

awww, I feel ur pain. Sometimes I just want to express myself, get a lot of things off my mind but then that little voice tells you weakness is not permitted.. If it helps you can email me the problem.. :)
its okay,no need to call yourself weak.for even having the courage in the fisrt place to even squeak about it makes you A MAN,NOT A CHICKEN.and going by your posts maybe you work in a sensitive environment,and believe me,atimes from what i know about naija old school peeps in possitions of power, and how they sort things them silencing "the enemy" might be the way forward.and in some situations,its just not worth it.But as for you,you are a brave man.obviously in another place in another part of the world,you have shown the traits of a man who will stand against what is not right.
but you are african,and atimes in bloody old naija,keeping quiet might just be the best decision.maybe at least for now...
have a lovely day.
Man das jus deep, lol, sorry to laugh about the issue, since its obviously not a laughing matter as it affects all of us. Thats our problem tho, we all think we are to minuscle to make a change, if everyone thinks that, nothing really gets done, why cant we just stop being cowards in Nigeria, why dont we have our own Malcom X, to save us from these ravaging Politicians, who cant see past themselves. I know im talking like if i was in your situation, ill be the first to say sign me up, but i know like you, i would cower in a corner covering my eyes from the big monster. Its just really SAD.
Im HOPING at least during this election season we all make a move and VOTE, even tho we think it doesnt matter, its the steps we take that counts. Okay enuff rambling but for real, Dude Alaye, CAM DOWN NOW, TAKE IT EAZZZZY. And by the way how far with this ur twice a week updating, ABEG, increase it, some ppl are at work with nothing to do u kno.
I dont think ur a chicken or weak or any of that stuff ur just human and we all have our weaknesses to have even put the post up in the first place was very brave, admitting that u cant do it on ur own is just be easy and continue praying it'l be alright...cheers!
Babaalaye, as I read this post my head bleed cos altho' I am not privy to what happens in the corridors of power in Nigeria, there has been a massive burden on my heart for the country, particularly of late.

From your posts, I see that you are still given to boyish escapades and the like but I also see a heart for your country and for God somewhere there.

You may feel like you are too small to make a change but I can tell you this 'you ain't too small to pray' for a change. You know the specifics, pray about it. Ask God to show you what to pray, and what to do if its His will that you do something. Nobody, nobody is ever too small in the hands of God. Think David, think Jeremiah, think Moses, think Joshua. From what I've read, you can get out the country anytime yet the burden remains. Babaalaye pray and then stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.

n.b This might look like a joke but just give it a try. In the quiet of your room, go to God. Your story will change. The story of Nigeria will change too.

Sorry for being so long.
Do what u do. Na ur blog. Reality is dat at any time anyone can figure out who u be. So, while u do not want to stop saying anything u say, u want the timing to be right, I guess.
Okay, I am new to your blog. Not very new actually, since someone forwarded it to me and I have read some of your escapades but I did read the article you eventually deleted ahd have this to say: I understand why you did it. That move was probably wise and has no bearings on your courage. The fact that you put it up there in the first place shows that you have a conscience (in spite of your overt "bad-boy attitude") and are concerned with the status quo. Sometimes, venting is therapeutic and will make you a more grounded person, able to handle working in sensitive positions in politically-incorrect environments.

I work in a sensitive environment meself and have clashes with them white folks regularly. The head of the work environment is a racist, so you can well imagine. I vent by dicussing with trusted people, outside that environment like spouse and family. Otehrwise, I'd go mad.

So a la Michael Jackson: you are not alone.....
i was expecting your reaction - it was indeed a deep issue this time.
But again, you write a fun blog but my issue is more towards us as 'nijas'. Its scary and would continue to be and its not going to get less so (reffering to the issue of empowerment and the issue of national responsibility). It would seem now that its a ways away when we shall face up to the powers that be and start to take nija back but i know its not so far away really, just seems that way now. I don't even think its going to be that hard either. As a matter of fact, i don't think it needs a new government take over or a revolt in the exact sense of the word or phrase. We could still use an existent power that is open to the new change that we need. We dont need a saint, we simply need transparency. I wish Obasanjo started this cause earlier, we need a replacement that shares is current conviction...i am not talking about complete eradication of corruption and their need for agressive self enrichment ( a small capitalist system that we already are), i am instead talking about providing a basis for the lower class as well as a recreation of the middle class (nija in 1977 thereabout). We have the funds....and if we dont quite have it, we need to renegotiate the contract wit the Shell international et al in the system( read up on Hugo Chavez and what he did to international oil in Venezuela) so as to make sure that a fairer share of proceeds belongs to NIGERIA. Having said that, I do still believe we have enough to establish a counting (census) system and then begin the fix it process of the basic infrastructure ( Police force, ambulance services, firebrigade, prison system).
Ghana is currently working on establishing low cost housing for their citizens and except i missed something we are a richer country than Ghana). The issue of security is important, we need a bunch of security companies who can start armed response units. These companies need to be more than 4 to start with, this establishes competition to correct over price...good for the market place. Allow these firms to bear arms. They would basically respond to neighbourhoods when alarms go off from clients houses or panic alarms are pressed/activated... the police can respond afterwards if needed. We need to and can afford to pay basic nijas at least 100 dolars a month sustainance for 3 months till they get work. We can afford to and need to also work on NEPA. FEAKING PUBLICISE IT...WE SUPPLY GHANA ELECTRICITY and they a few days ago celebrated 10 yrs of uninterrupted electricity supply.
With all this in place, we dont that much care if they steal ....who doesnt, they steal here in the States but people don't care much cos the basic infrastructure exists...we need to rid ourselves of that mental fkc up that needs the ordinary man coming to kneel and worship us, cos thats the problem right there...there....these 'surds' are just so happy with u and me coming to say 'OGA sa' daily, they would freaking gauge there eyes out and kill themselves the minute that ceases to happen. They would suddenly realise they dont amount to much really but who freaking cares.....i hate that i have rambled on and point is, we can use any leader, doesn't have to be sharp at all (we have Bush as president here in the States). We need a president that will allow advisers that would help the average 'nija'...not a conglomerate of money hungry no gooders who want to yessir the president and fck it all up....and lastly, why do we still have a military...the last thing we need is another coup and i swear to you to end being a 'nija'. Disolve the freaking army or cut the size down to 1/4. My advise to you though babaalaye is have fun...leave the politics out of your blog especially now with the mess going on there in the political world...u cant do much for it but get yourself in messies you have no need to be in...sorry i ate up your space again, cheers :)
omo, he who fights and runs away lives to eat eba another day o. i feel your pain, but i understand why you had to take it down. they do say that discretion is the better part of valour afterall.

make i ask you sha, the person driving the train, shey eye dey pain am? e no see say you dey im front? lol
Mr Alaaye, hope you are ok?

Don't stress yourself too much. Worry never helped anybody. Just keep the country in your prayers and do your bit...
baba alaye......I feel you.It's not easy to even do what you have done so far.Bringing it all out at the risk of exposing yourself.For one you are not chicken or lily-livered but you are only human.Human enough to do the right thing.People let's not forget what happened to dele giwa.HE SAW WHAT HE SHOULDN'T HAVE and blogged on it or rather wrote it out.So let's preserve our one and only baba alaye.Whatever the case may be, you are not alone.Be strong!
baba, read your blog but really since na my first time out on you, can't really remember what da sh*t twas about. but the s**t is that you ar mightily hilarious men. jus' love your tales. but is all good. remain original werin dey next man.
BabaAlaye , weeda u now. ever since your blog was fwd to me, i dey check am daily from work. I missed what the Sum of all fears (2) was about, but either way abeg increase the frequency of ya writing as that will take a lot of stress off ya chest and the by product of that will be us relieving stress by reading ya blogs. Biggie, Jigga and you share something in common.. that's the ability to paint vivid pictures thru words.. take am easy - Yankee fan
Why are most of your comments anonymous? Evidently, you're not the only chicken BabaAlaye. In fact, I doubt if you're a chicken.
To everyone Thanks.

Thanks for understanding. This time i decided to not reply comments individually because i didn't want to inflame the situation and to be honest i was expecting a lot or negative comments. Thanks.

I'll steer of the Political stuff for now. As Olawunmi i want to live to chop Eba another day. lol
this happens to everyone at different times. for me i express myself when i can and ready my Bible . no matter what it is someone somewhere must have gone through it . its xmas ! and i just got up now and thought i should enjoy myself at home i dont have to go through the rigor of driving out, have loads of small chops and chilled soft drinks to go with it after all life is not that hard . forget work forget bukky and enjoy . i just thot of it now the best time to enjoy is now that are single and still and searching for the right partner !Stay blessed
You're alright with me babe
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