Monday, February 05, 2007


I Confess

To you....

I promise to be there for you.

Through thick and thin.

Sickness and in health

To give you everything you need.

All the name Brands you can Rawk

...all in your favorite color.

all the Green Bags, Green Shoes, Green tops, Green Gele's

all shades of Green, Carribbean green, Forest Green, Mental hospital green, lime green, whatever you want.

We'll go Skiing at St. moritz. We'll pick Seashells at the Turks and Caicos

Breakfast at the Four Seasons,

and back in LGS, we'll park at the side of the road to buy Ikoyi Hotel Suya.

I'll take you to my Favorite spots to eat Amala.

Iya Ruka's at Shitta,

Rice at Bank Olemoh, Roasted corn at Adetokunbo Ademola

Showing your green Hermes bag off at Tukano

and flashing the famous Alaye Daimond on your fourth finger

We'll book a whole floor at the Transcorp Hilton

and make sweet passionate love all night long

and we'll read your Blog over coffee in the morning

and laugh at what Vera's got to rant about this time.

I promise to be attentive to your needs

Just like a Blog husband should.

To listen when you talk.

And to love and hold you and never let you go.

I guess all what i'm trying to say is....

Taurean Minx

Will You Marry Me?

Wow! Ok, at least it's out in the open now. BTW I love Bank Olemoh rice
I thot it was either Vera or T-minx!I'm half right so dats what matters.
I confess that I'm positively blushing. *blush* *blush*

All I need is the Bank Olemoh rice though boo. Thats what really got me so I say YES and I promise to be a good blog wife.

Ok now I have to go and tell my best blog friend Vera and show her the rock.
Taurean minx must be the hottest babe in blogland.
I'm a babe and I think she rocks too. Good for you.
I knew it! I knew it!! I told someone aborrit! I knew it... shit I knew it...

ok... when is the wedding day?
Wow!!! I feel i can walk through walls, and walk on Water.

Oya everybody come and dance o!!! I just got me the hottest chic in the game to be my Bride.
Someborry please call Shina Peters.

Thanks sweetie for accepting. You just made me a very happy Man.
You know how much i love you. That's established and we're not gonna bore everyone to tears with all that sturves now are we?
I'm saying a lotta rubbish but please forgive me ya'll. It's not everyday you get a Yes from the most beautiful girl in the world.
Chicken Pox and Verastic ain't got nufink on you.

Ladies and Gentlemen
Please Welcome MamaAlaye
lol.......... everybody dey vex for love this year o.... dis is one helluva love hexagon
Mystery finally solved! Let's see how long this lasts....
We now know who it is.Blog-love is definitely in the air
awww. I thought as much.
Whew! Now that it's out in the open we can hear word. Took you that long! The blogworld is rejoicing today in celebration of tmainx and babaalaye's nupitals. I got Shina Peters, and Dele Taiwo for your listening pleasure..oko iyawo sun sokoto soke, ijoya.

Interesting. An online proposal huh?

*Stay tuned to this space*...

By the way, where is Bukky?
This is a mad combo...Like JayZ and Linkin Park....
Like Jazzman Olofin and Ayuba
Like a Deola Sagoe dress and Jimmy Choos...

lol...anyway, i knew it!
big up - mamaalaye!
WHAT !!!
I hope baba aalaye has some hush -pecush side to the Egba side sha
happy blogging life to you too !

When did green become TMINX's favorite color? That's mine!

Naija Vixen: so you're one of the people that have been thinking it might be Vera ehn? LOL I still don't know why or how that could be

BabaAlaye: I'm glad that the love I share with GH has rubbed off on you and given u the balls 2 finally propose. It's about time! But don't come & say she made ur car not 2 start o...or she gave u poisoned egwusi....ehen.

TMINX: Congrats o! I read ur confessions bout u having nothing but love 4 me. I know u do... hehe. I luff u too, and when is the wedding, MamaAlaye?

Ok...this comment is too long. I'm off!
ehem, *coughs*
Is this real????

Abeg make una no forget to invite me ooo.

Nice blog
Oh well, all is fair in love and war. I'm crushed.
you CANT be doing this on no BLOG levels abeeehgie! anahn, that was too much, I was almost tearing for the minxish chic sef, with all her apollo and kurukuru. I now ORDA you by command to be her valentino off line and online, you cant use such language in the name of play play! I no gree. so cute!!
awwwwwwww. i want me some of those lines. off to tell the boyfy to serenade me!

congrats to the newest bloggywood couple!
Chai! This one shall be even more spectacular than the Guy-Horny--Green-Hornet merger. The person I pity most is Boorish Male. Suddenly, he's left hanging alone in the balance. Vera and Tminx gone.

Who's next?

You guys need to give me a standing ovation o, infact i deserve more than a pat on theback. I saw this coming, and i said so from the get go that TMinx was the crush, but as usual, nobody listened to me. I even went as far as spreading the gist on Vera's blog, Bella Naija's blog and Diamond's blog, but y'all pretended like nothing happened. Now it has been confirmed.

I've got mad skillz o eyin peeps. Whatever u need to know in Blogsville, just gimme a shout out and i'll inform u. I foresee a blog wedding.

*Glasses clicking* Here's to BabaAlaye and MamaAlaye (TMinx)
what!!! i do not believe it!!! what i thot it was moi!

baba i am heart broken oh! ok buy me one gele and I will forgive u
Yes I have come back. Thanks for all the wishes. Vera we can have a double wedding. What do you say?

Thanks all for all the lovely wishes on this special day.

@bella, you are a clown lol
Man!!!! I have a tear in my eye, i want this type of proposal too now, maybe if i move to blogville i'll find a man half as good as BabaAlaye. Infact Baba u get brother? so Tminx and i can be sister inlaws. Have a happy married life guys. the spirit of valentines and since everyone is crushing, i confess i have a crush on a Photoblogger, i've even named our kids...only if i could summon the courage to tell him. Im proud of u BabaAlaye, RAWK on.
@cherub - I was listening - It had to be the one and only Miss T. Am off to her blog to congratulate her.
lol..LMAO..e ya..aa we oh!. Im fery fery jealous..Congrats to you both oh!
Awwww... how sweet! LOL!!!!!

You better take care of my friend... OR ELSE!!!
Hmmmmmnnnn Eh??!?!?!?!?!???!? The Cat is finally out of the bag!!!! At last Mama Alaye has finally been unveiled to us all.
na wa o, after all hmm, with all the green green wey i dey read, i was expecting "Vera" abi this babaalaye want to do a double?

oya make you invite me for net-chops
i knew it! gosh... what a perfect post for a *Wistful Deep Sigh*... as I told TMinx...I will help plan the blogwedding..just let me know when you're ready..

i think i want one like you, u have any BlogBrothers like you...abeg send them my way ;-)
Hell Yeah!!!! i will marry you Baba Alaye...we will roll of into the sunset together...we will.....oh! i am sorry....i got a little carried away there for a minute, i thought the proposal was meant for****CLEARS THROAT*** Abeg, incase Tminx declines be sure to holla at me 'cuz i am soooooo down with that Bank Olemo and Ikoyi hotel Suya
Damn!!!! Minx must got mad game to have dude propose to her on the www. Now thats what i call "GANGSTER LOVING"!!!....LOL.
@Tminx....holla at your girl incase you need bridesmaid...will be glad to watch you take your
wait a minute... are you high?? we all know Green is Vera's Color, you meant Vera marry me right?? LOL

welcome back... what a come back... and they said we shoul not call you the "come back kid"... so T-Minx... what are the aso ebi colors... please say green so I can rock it for both Vera's and your day..LOL
How Vera still manages to always fall inside the loop holes, cracks, and pot holes is rather amazing...even the proposal had 'vera' inside...he he careful now...don't mention "GREEN." Lolll...just teasing!

Lollll...valentine LOFERRRRRSSS!
Hi Ya'll thanks again.

I've been smiling since yesterday. Infact i feel like buying stuff for every damned body i see.Whatever you want just ask me, and you got it hehehe.

To peeps who didn't know, Mamaalaye likes green too. And i think she looks beautiful in it. Totally suits her better than Verastic i must say.
Actually Tminx could rawk a Burlap sack and still look like she walked out of a Beverly hills shop.
She's so unbeleivably BEAURIFULLL
iwo lo ma mo

i want a ticket to LOS...LOS ohhh, NOT LGS...!!!!!!!!! LOLLLLLLLLLL & admission to the 2/10/07 thingymajiggy

ese uncul
Please foregt this blog love, do the real thing!
Exchange phone numbers, meet up and let the real love begin.
Val's day is round the corner so please start making plans.
Tminx has been lamenting about not having a man all these years, Babaalaye pls step up and do what you do best!
Aburo. Thank God this has finally come out. I can't begin to tell you the amount of time I have spent surfing the net trying to find out who your blog crush was. I checked out russian girls, brazilian girls, south africa girls and every eastern european website. On your behalf of course. I even set up some "interviews" (which I would have told you about eventually). Anyway, long and short I am happy that you are happy and have come out of the closet (so to speak). Oya let the owanbe begin.
Wonderful news!! Congrats to TMinx and Babaalaye!! I hope you will be very happy! Don't forget to send out invitations to all of us o!
Na wa O.

this one na serious mega-toasting. this guy sha, i was vexing bifor, when you said that you were funking. its clear sha, that my bro is back with a bang. na ture sha, goat when take reverse waka, na power e dey go gather.

she don gree?
Well, I don't have beef for you cos is T-Minx.

Since you are ready to buy anything we want ehn, how about buying me a return ticket to Fiji Islands for valentine.

LOl @ Babalayes crush: please don't be crushed.
oooh! How great! I do not mind saying that I was sooo totally wrong about who it was. I thought it was a certain canadian chic. So off point!

Mama Alaye, congrats o! All this protestation of love no easy o! Your valentine is so gonna rock.

So what happens now? You guys have a blog wedding and started having blog babies? Keep us posted.
One e-word for this e-couple... LOL!
I was perplexed, green ke?
I thought it was Vera?

Any way since,I'll planning Vera and GH's wedding,can I plan yours?

Hm........... I hope this is not a proposal in view of Valetine's day ahead o! :-))

Finally it came out! sombori chout alaluya!!!!

Blogville's BB is watching.... for how long this will last. So keep at it and better shame those that think it's all for val's day hehehe...
Boo how are you? We have to start going for marriage counselling oh. Who should we go to? Cherub or Diamond?

Omohemi of course you can plan the wedding

Now that I think about it...My boo, all this drama is a lot oh. We have too many friends. Maybe we should elope? To where though? Lets meet at the airport.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tminx i know i have to be @ the wedding anyhow ,everyhow ok !!!
Biko babaAlaye response ASAP !!!
@ Mamaalaye. Tell me where Boo and i'll be there.
I can see another side of BabaAalye oooo
This is definitely not the Owu/Egba side .lol!!
Tminx pls Update (off to her blog)
thot as much...lovely proposal..

Say it ain't so!!! Wow, Congrats oh. May you have a long and fulfilling Blog Marriage. cute.
hofe u haf flenty omoalayes and omo omo alayes..xx
BABALAYE,are you the same as GUYHORNY?
there is a similarity between the way you write?
i am really suspecting that you are one and the same person.
if so then that is really dubious.
Ehn! Hey. Another level oh...
Babaalaye see this accusation oh. Please Babaalaye is my one and only, he can never be duplicated.
Where have I been? CONGRATULATIONS. Any wedding pressie list yeah?
Make una throwe the flower reach me o!. Who knows the love bug might also bite me this time around. Congrats to the two couples and more grease to your erm erm....... I beg leave me jare I don forget wetin i wan talk sef.
Who be dat one saying babaalaye is guy horny???????
can i be ur blog-mistress? I say Lord bless this union?
Fashion week has made me miss a lot o...

Welcome back :) , I see you have returned with a BIG BANG!!

Congrats Mama and Baba Alaye

Blogville styling services/consultations available..
fashion ko fascist ni
abeg go on soun!
I think we should go to Turks and Caicos since you love this place so much. Anything for you. So when should we go? I know you will drop everything for me..
Could u pls update and tell us what ur next plans towards ur boo are.

We are waiting anxiously !!!
My sixth sense told me she was the one and alas no more suspense... happy luvy duvy.Wetin be una plans for valentine.
BORING AND EXTREMELY CHEESEY. Sorry if I don't really care about a "fake" blog proposal between 2 grown as people.
With your busy body body, you go Soji soji lolllllllllllllll. exits
na wa o for least babaalaye can start givn good gists...shay u go write book for peeps...ur words don catch am o
lmao.. this is incredibly romantic... I love it! I always knew it was her.. but I didn't want to was your 'blog crush' to reveal
I can see a blogsville wedding in the making somewhere in the future .... kudos! lol
Congratulations me up and I will coordinate the whole thing! I am feeling generous so its free of charge!
sad, sad, sad! 75 comments? Well, make it 76 now since i've posted.

Am I missing something about this blog?
Been stalking your blog for a while now... left a couple of comments too :-).

Just started mine today and thot you might want to visit?? it's

Hope to see you soon :-)
This comment has been removed by the author.
Babaalaye haba!!! you no wan blog again??? holla your peeps abeg, we've missed you tiny :-)
wow...hopefully there is some woman out there who can make an honest man of you oh! ehn!

you know who ;))
all these blogwifes and blog husbands, where is mine?
nice poem btw, and if it doesn't work out with you and tminx, u have a shoulder to lean on in me..., and we'll take it from there
So sweet.
Am I right to assume that there are blog match makers. If yes, how do I get on the program?
my Gawd! am loosing my breath,can someone pls get me my inhaler,i never see dis kain proposal b4 o.
tminx,i must say u be the very babe!
i have a crush on u!
Alaiye Father
U don carry your rati-rati reach here sha!

Abeg no vex o; u dey related to Baba Iyanu by any chance?

Anyway, I dig ur style...your writings dey make me laugh ooo


i saw tminx's picture in that issue of true love. She IS pretty. You are a lucky alaye man.
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