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A "Good Friend" txt me Yesterday asking if i'll be available to see a friend of hers. I said okay, and soon a charming, young-sounding woman called, and we set up a meet, around 7 pm at The Bungalow in VI.Decked out like something out of True love Magazine. Rusty Brown Deola Sagoe gown , and brown Jimmy Choos.Okayee. It's so on.

Typical young Ikoyi Wife, plus she had that look. You know that look like where dem dey?
But she was friendly and she acted like we knew each other already. "I heard you love to eat pussy" she said.I replied "Yes" with a dead pan expression on my face. I got her. I know the type. Nervous as fuck and trying to nudge you off the cliff to see if you'd trip.

I kept quiet and had the faintest of smiles on my face "I didn't see you at the this day Concert"she said. Well.. you werent looking out for me. You wouldn't have noticed me. "Your eyes are very different. ...Dark and Mysterious and very sexy"

Ok Now Mami's playing with me. I'm not saying much which is strange. Absolute rarity but this time i ma let mami sweat this one out. You hungry? She ordered a Salad. I'm thinking "Who you trying to impress?" I love ma women with a bit of Flesh. Of course i'm not saying nufink. I sip on my Drink. She's through. Can we go now?

The Guards in my Estate must be having the time of their lives. Nothing interesting ever happens. I imagine it's got to be the most boring job in the whole wide world to be a security guard in Lekki. Their Counterparts in Surulere and Ikeja i'm sure don't have it that tough. Things haoppen. But anyway they have lots of gossip fodder to while away many a long night.

She Parks behind me. Why would anybody buy a Yellow Honda Element? The Car looks comical as it were but the Yellow turns it to something out of Bob the Builder. Na Wah. Anyway sha she gets in and sinks her cute backside in my Sofa. "This place looks like a love den" she says. I'm still not saying much.

I Come around and cup her face with my hands and plant my lips on her, and i heard her gasp.
Then the standard "we shouldn't be doing this I care about my husband" line. Okayee.

An hour later she was out the door. Had to pick up some groceries at Shoprite on her way home.
We kiss and she's outtie. The Guard is smiling sheepishly ...Bombaclaat.
I'm bored with this shit. Was on Autopilot all through. I got some Blue berry Cheesecake Ice cream in the freezer. Now that's Heaven.

NB. Meanwhile, If you beleive that was me.O wa very sick. You need to go get checked fo'shizzle

First post I'm reading...I might have to read your previous ones to understand. A married woman met with you expecting sex? CAN I GET YOUR NUMBER...I kid, I kid!
Lolllll - i second that I was like damn! Who is he????

Are you serious?
ok, i stumbled upon ur blog....but SERIOUSLY??...R U FOR REAL!!!??..DAYMN!...was my fist thought...
I live in Lekki as well but cool off on the Ikeja yaps. Lekki is NOT safer. Tried coming back on Ozumba at 3 in the morning? Not a smart idea on most nights and yes we do it sometimes but we have to speed like we have a tsunami closing in. Lagos is unsafe...period. My estate is safe thank God but that's cause it is an estate and not because it is located in Lekki. Sorry but had to clear that up
MAn!!! Did I just read what I think I read? You 'did' a married woman or it was all daydreaming? i hope it was you telling us about ur daydreams oh!! Ah Ah!! This one don pass Alpha Male oh!!
dang player!!!
@Broccoli. Hola at your boy. Playette you.

@noni moss. That's like who he be???

@Taureanminx.Does Atiku steal money?

@Zainprincess.Thanks 4 stopping by

@Calabargirl.I have a good side Mami. ..Seriously

@Overwhelmed.It's all love...
lol ... I read your other posts first so I know you're not, but my first thought this sounds like you're a male escort, her directness, a 'friend' hooking you up with a married woman ... LOLL

Seriously, which Lagos do you live in, your stories are vvvery interesting!
If you were bored you should not have done what you did.
is this for real?
My guy... U fcuk up. Naija guys don't admit being carpet munchers even if we all do it. And with all the heat & BO in giddy, can you imagine chopping up all that nastiness. My guy U dey try oh. Big ups ....lol
OJJ ni last Anonymous poster yen - Olodo Jati jati...carpet munchers sha? You don craze - ok, so we're supposed to love the lollypop licking and not get anything in return? No be all you naija boys love wearing your nut-hugger jeans? It gets way hot down there for y'all too and we're supposed to be ok with the heat-induced pong that emerges when you pull your shokoto down abi? Yet its not okay for you to 'munch our carpets'. Olori nla..
It was you jare...lolllll...

Lol @ anonymous above me...bwhaha!
2 years on...but i tell you what...this blog still rocks!
meeen you're crazy man!
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